Tuesday, February 14, 2012

China - New Strongman Meeting Obama

Yesterday, PR China's Vice-President Xi JinPing arrived in Washington where he is expected to meet with President Obama. As Xi is considered to become the new strongman of China in a near future, it is worth to leave some notes on that personality.

Below: Presentation of Xi JinPing on the occasion of the
17th Congress of the Communist Party's Representatives.

Xi was born in June 1953 in a rural area of China's Shaanxi Province. In January 1974 he became a member of the Communist Party and a student of Marxist theory at Qing Hua University's institute of sociology where he graduated as a specialist of "ideological political education" and finished his studies with a doctor's degree in law. Nowadays, Xi is considered as a rather moderate politician by Chinese standards.

The full text of an interview on Chinese-U.S. relations granted to the Washington Post is provided on two screenshots I registered from the original website of semi-official China Daily which I found heavily contaminated with malware.

UPDATE on February 14:
U.S. President Obama and Vice-President Biden meeting with Xi JinPing. In the following talks, Obama once more stated the U.S. position towards China's veto on the Syria draft resolution in United Nations' Security Council.

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