Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan - Mourning the Dead

Mourning the Dead (above)
Counting the Dead (below)

After earthquake and tsunami, Japan is now mourning the dead. Meanwhile at the Fukushima nuclear plant no.1, the desperate fight against nuclear catastrophe is reaching its final stage. The water cannon provided by municipal police was not efficient enough to help cool down reactor 3 and its storage department of unused uranium rods. Therefore, water cannon trucks provided by an airport fire brigade had to be used. Such trucks are able to produce a greater water pressure. NHK World, Tokyo, March 17, 2011.

Latest news: Tokyo fire brigade provided 5 vehicles and 20 fire fighters. As two of the vehicles are using water cannons mounted on special cranes, water injection into the reactor 3 casing from above and at short distance is now possible. Meanwhile radiation at the facility seems to be stable at 20 mSievert.

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