Thursday, February 24, 2011

LIBYA - Partly Freed

Screenshot from Al-Jazeera Arabic TV on February 23

Ghaddafi's son trying to warn and intimidate the people of
Libya on behalf of his father only a few days ago.

"The Italian minister of foreign affairs says that Eastern
Libya is not any longer under the control of the Libyan
[Arabic footnote white on red]

"Libyan military units of the Green Mountain region openly
announce their participation in the revolt of the people."

[Arabic footnote white on blue]

Summary of News on February 23, 2011:

- Benghazi folks celebrating their victory while shooting is going on.

- Commanding Libyan general in Tobruk declares he has broken with
the regime.

- The country seems to be split between regions where the army is taking
sides in favour of protesters and such parts where private militias are
chasing enemies of the system on behalf of Ghaddafi who cannot trust his
own army any longer.

- There are rumours that Ghaddafi might intend to blow up Libyan oil wells.

- Former minister of justice says there is evidence that Ghaddafi was
directly involved in the Lockerbie incident.

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