Monday, February 21, 2011

LIBYA - The Honourable Mr. Ghadafi

Britain's Tony Blair and Libya's Ghadafi shaking hands.

While Tripolis and Benghazi are facing a bloody revolt
against Libya's president Ghadafi, there is still Libyan oil
flowing to the European Union. As 79% of Libyan crude
oil is being delivered to Europe, such making Libya the
No. 3 oil supplier for the EU after Norway and Russia,
Europe's politicians are interested in good relations with
Muhamar El-Ghadafi. The former godfather of Arabic
terrorism, once punished by an international boycott on
behalf of the U.S., since then turned into an "honourable"
business partner whose "oily handshake" pleased many
European politicians until now.

Percentage of total Libyan oil export to European countries:

Shortened video of Al-Jazeera's latest evening news:
- Another day of unrest in Yemen, Bahrain and Libya.
- The Libyan oil connection (see above).
- Iranian naval ships passing the Egyptian Suez canal
on their way to Syria for a purported arms delivery.
Israel protesting.

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