Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya - News of the Day

Here are the daily news from Libya as they appeared in the late evening news program on Al-Jazeera Arabic TV, February 24, 2011, posted by Ulysses at 11:28 pm GMT:

مصادر للجزيرة في الزاوية:عناصر من الجيش يلتحقون بالمتظاهرين و يفتحون مخازن الذخيرة

Al-Jazeera's sources at al-Zaouia (*) are saying that essential elements of
the army are joining the protesters and are opening the army depots.
* al-Zaouia = Small town west of Tripolis.

الرابطة الليبية لحقوق الإنسان: لدى مجلس حقوق الإنسان ملفات كاملة لإدانة نظام القذافي

The Libyan association for human rights says their organisation is keeping
complete dossiers to accuse the Gadafi regime.

أ.ف.ب عن مصدر رسمي : سويسرا تجمد أرصدة محتملة للقذافي و المقربين منه

AFP [= Agence France Press] is the official source [of the following]:
Switzerland will freeze the eventual assets of Gadafi and his family.

قتيلا 16 على الأقل في مواجهات متواصلة في الزاوية غرب طرابلس

At least 16 died in enduring confrontations in al-Zaouia west of Tripolis.

أحمد قذاف الدم الممثل الشخصي للقذافي يقدم استقالته

Ahmed Gadaf al-Dam, personal representative of Gadafi, has resigned.

رائد بسلاح الجو الليبي يدعو الطيارين الليبين للنزول في مطار مصراته بعد سيطرة الثوار عليه

A commander of the Libyan air force calls for Libyan pilots to land on
the airstrip of Misurata (*) to get the rebels there under control.
* Misurata = Town of the coastal region, east of Homs and Tripolis.

صحفي للجزيرة: كتائب القذافي تشن عمليات كر و فر على الزاوية و أسرنا العديد من عناصرها

Reported by Al-Jazeera: Units [loyal to] Gadafi are launching operations
of attack and retreat on al-Zaouia and [ethnic] families [or: tribal clans]
with their numerous members.

By the way, after having read the Arabic writing of the dictator's
name, I came to think that the accurate transcription to be used in
Western media should be GADAFI rather than Gaddafi (Al-Jazeera) or
anything else. Nevertheless, I don't intend to correct the writing
I used in my older blogspots or in my videos. He isn't worth such
additional work any longer.

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