Saturday, April 02, 2011

Libya - The War of a Crumbling Regime

COMMENT by Ulysses
based on the latest news report
of Al-Jazeera on April 2, 2011

During the last days, Libyan rebels have lost ground. However, this is not a decisive point in the development of their battle for Libya.

Lots of overexcited volunteer fighters, shooting in the air when nobody is around, have now been banned from the frontline together with all nosy correspondents from the international media. Such, there is nobody left to stand in the way of military operations by, both, allied forces and freedom fighters. It is estimated that some civilian casualties of allied bombardment should have been due to unauthorized persons on the battlefield.

From now on, only trained military personnel is holding the line. One of their commanders, a former colonel of the Gadafi army and one of the first who defected to the freedom fighters, put it that way: "The Gadafi officers have fled in the wake of high-ranking defections, and there are only 50 soldiers left on the other side in Brega." A senior U.S. analyst, questioned by Al-Jazeera, had another explanation for the volunteers he described as " the gang that could not shoot straight ". He said that such rebel fighters were undergoing a kind of " Darwinian experience ". Those who are unskilled and unintelligent will die soon. Others who learn will stay alive a little longer, and those who stick to experienced fighters will learn even more. However, " there is still a long way to go ".

Meanwhile, different contacts between the rebels and government authorities have been established on different levels. Mainly, a former Jordanian foreign minister is acting as a special envoy for both sides. However, a ceasefire recently offered by the rebels has been rejected by the Gadafi government. In any case, that decision is expected to deliver further discord within the inner circle of power in Tripolis. As could be heard from Britain, even more high-ranking followers of Gadafi or members of his clan are now looking for a safe place outside of Libya. That is why the Foreign Office in London felt obliged to remember the Libyan leadership of their final goal in the Libyan affair which is the resignation of Colonel Gadafi from power.

نصيب كل دولة من النشاط العسكري
Proportion of all nations [engaged] in military activity:
U.S.A. 90

France 33

Britain 17

Italy 16

Canada 11

Turkey 7.6

Netherl. 7.1

Spain 6.2

Belgium 6

Norway 6

Denmark 4

Greece 2

Romania 1

Bulgaria 1

[Germany is missing.]

التطورات الميدانية في ليبيا
Development of the [military] campaign in Libya.

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