Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya - Punishing the Tyrant

After the Paris Summit for Support of the Libyan People, yesterday March 19, 2011, about 112 U.S. and British missiles have hit special targets in Tripolis and Misrata. The U.S. are using their Tomahawk cruise missiles to be launched by navy vessels while the British have fired Polaris missiles from submarine. Furthermore, British and French air force are prepared to enter Libyan territory whenever they want. According to German radio news, the coordination of all military action of the allied forces should be located on a U.S. base in Germany, even though Germany is not directly involved in any combat mission.

U.S. navy ship launching a cruise missile (above)

البنتاغون: 112 صاروخا أطلقت من بوارج و غواصات أمريكية و بريطانية
According to the Pentagon, 112 missiles were launched from U.S. and British [navy] ships and submarines.

دوي انفجارات و انطلاق المضادات الأرضية في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس
Sounds of explosions and of [responding fire i.e. anti-aircraft fire] in the Libyan capital of Tripolis.

Polaris missile launched from submarine (below)

French Mirage jets taking off (above)

مصادر للجزيرة: الطائرات الفرنسية دمرت 4 دبابات تابعة للقذافي في قصف جنوب غرب بنغازي
[Different] sources told Al-Jazeera that French planes destroyed 4 tanks
[of the Gadafi forces] in a bombardment South West of Benghazi.

French air force jet ready to take off (below)

Late evening news of Al-Jazeera:

شهود عيان: تجدد القصف في طرابلس ودوي مضادات تطلق من محيط منزل القذافي
Eyewitnesses report on a resume of bombardment in Tripolis and the noise of [responding fire] spreading from the residential area of Gadafi.

شهود عيان: تجدد القصف في طرابلس و إطلاق مضادات قرب مقر إقامة القذافي
Eyewitnesses report on a resume of bombardment in Tripolis and [responding fire] near the residence of Gadafi.

Eyewitness report from Misrata township (marked on the below map)

مصادر للجزيرة: قصف عشوائي في شارع طرابلس بوسط مصراته
[Different] sources informed Al-Jazeera of a risky bombardment of the center of Misrata on the road to Tripolis.

موسى: قصف القوات الدولية لليبيا يختلف عن الهدف من فرض حظر الطيران الذي أقرته الجامعة
[The secretary-general of the Arab League] Moussa said that the bombardment of Libya by international forces is different from the aim of an obligation to prohibit any flight as has been declared by the League.

Secretary-general of the Arab League (below)

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