Sunday, March 06, 2011

Libya - Fight for Oil Resources

رويترز: الثوار الليبيون يسيطرون بالكامل على مدينة مصراته بعد صد هجوم من كتائب القذافي
"According to Reuters [news agency] Libyan rebels are in control of
the whole town of Misrata after throwing back an attack [launched]
by Gadafi's units." [Al-Jazeera]

CNN reported that government troops at Misrata were thrown back
despite being well equipped with tanks and artillery.

According to CNN and Al-Jazeera, the region between Brega and
Ras Lanuf, most important for the shipping of all East Libyan crude
oil is now under control of the insurgent forces.
Meanwhile, rebel forces are sticked at Bin-Jawad on their way to
Sirte, held up by Gadafi units that are heavily armed with tanks
and artillery.

At the same time in Tripolis, desinformed citizens in favour of
Gadafi are celebrating his alleged "victory" at Misrata and Ras
Lanuf, - a ghostly scene.

Map of Libyan oil fields and pipelines.
[Arabic names inserted for comparison by Ulysses]

Near Benghazi, the explosion of an ammunition depot three days ago
has been related to a pro-Gadafi attack by witnesses cited by CNN.
At the time, Al-Jazeera reported it as some kind of accident without
certain evidence of enemy involvement. Therefore, I didn't include
it in my daily news report. Nevertheless the nightly pictures of
ambulances carrying away the dead and the wounded can still be
watched on the attached Al-Jazeera video.

Further News of the Day:


مراقبون: بعض مسؤولي جهاز أمن الدولة متهمون بالانخراط في أعمال تجارية مشبوهة و أنشطة فساد
"Controlling [commission]: Certain responsible [within] the national
security system have been accused of being involved in [dubious]
commercial operations as well as corruption."


Protesters demand a secular state that is free from religious obligation.
As Lebanon is a multi-religious state, there are restrictions to the
distribution of important positions in government and parliament which
have to be allocated according to religion of the candidate.


After public unrest: Sultan released three cabinet ministers.

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