Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan - Last Resort

In order to cool down reactor 3 at the Fukushima nuclear plant
no. 1, there have been made efforts to fill the roofless reactor
building after the explosion with water dropped from helicopters.
Such, the outer receptacle of the reactor could be cooled down
to a certain degree. Another project to be started soon includes
the use of a water-cannon provided by the municipal police.

The following picture is showing a list of dead and missed people
in the region affected by earthquake, tsunami and / or nuclear
catastrophe. The confirmed death rate sums up to 4377, three
municipalities being extremely hit by natural disaster.
Among the most haunted districts is the Fukushima township near
to its destroyed nuclear plant with 533 recorded deaths. The overall
number of missing people in the coastal region is 9083.

The below picture is showing a map of the nuclear plant and its
environment in Fukushima prefecture. Both nuclear plants and
the security belts of 20 and 30 km around the exploded reactors
of plant no. 1 can be easily found in the lower part of the map.
Straight above is the airport of Sendai township that should not
be affected by either earthquake or tsunami because the Japanese
comment (written in Chinese Kanji characters) is reading that its
runways (1200 m and 3000 m) are operational between 7:30
and 21:30 and that a 24 hours service might be possible. That
seems to be due to the distance from devastated area (*) of
708 m and 400 m of those runways which obviously saved them
from tsunami impact and makes them an important destination
for aid to be delivered now.
* = "distance from devastated area" is the only realistic
explanation of the 708 m and 400 m data given in the map,
as, this time, the Japanese comment is given in Japanese
Katakana or Hiragana script which I cannot interpret.

After the horrible development at Fukushima nuclear plant no. 1,
Western countries are discussing the risks of nuclear energy on
a high national level:

Members of the French parliament are gathering on a symposium where
reactor security is being debated [Telesur TV, Caracas]. France is one
of the nations extremely dependent on nuclear energy. Up to now, a vast
majority of citizens has been in support of the long-standing energy
concept in France.

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