Saturday, March 05, 2011

LIBYA - Region of War

ليبيا - منطقة حربية

Late night UPDATE:

مصادر طبية في الزاوية: قتلى و جرحى بالعشرات جراء هجوم كتائب القذافي
According to medical personnel in al-Zaouia الزاوية, dozens
were wounded or died [while braving] an attack of Gadafi's
[al-Zaouia: Town on the outskirts of Tripolis طرابلس in North-
West Libya. Refer to the first map below.]

Tombstone of a fighter who died in al-Zaouia
during the battle between insurgents and
tanks deployed by Gadafi's special units:

Insurgents defeated the Gadafi units at Ras Lanuf راس لانوف
and are now moving towards al-Sidra and Sirte سرت.
[Ras Lanuf: Place of fierce fighting for the last 24 hours, inserted in
one of the following maps (North-East Libya) and marked with a red
[Sirte: Town on the road to Tripolis in Nort-West Libya and Gadafi's
birth place. => Gulf of Sirte]

CNN News:
Insurgents at Ras Lanuf pretend having downed a Suchoi bomber, the
remainings of which are scattered over the battle field (above).

الإنتربول يصدر تحذيرا دوليا بشأن خطورة القذافي و 15 من عائلته و أعوانه
Interpol has released an international alert concerning
imminent danger from Gadafi and 15 [members] of his
family and his helpers.

The Interpol request consists of different notes on
different subjects involved. Here are only two of
them, characterized by their vague style, which I
tried to reconstruct from the Arabic version.

Red Note:
[This note] brings about a request on the conditions of
arrest of persons on the run and being sought after on
the purpose of [their] extradition to [certain] countries
[on behalf of such countries' security sources]. .....

Blue Note:
Request of additional information on a person related
with criminal activity.

There is also a "Green Note", a "Yellow Note" and a
"Black Note" from Interpol.

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