Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arabic World - Week of Mass Rallies

جمعة الحشود في العالم العربي

Week of Mass Rallies in the Arabic World

An extraordinary week in the Arabic world, characterized
by mass rallies, bloodshed and the fear of national leaders.
The following news items have been taken from an Arabic
language special published by Al-Jazeera on February 25.
UPDATES for the following days have been embedded !

المنطقة العربية على صفيح ساخن

The Arabic Region on a Hot Iron Plate

LIBYA ليبيا

الخناق يضيق على القذافي
Suffocation is hampering Gadafi.

المتظاهرون يسيطرون على معظم ليبيا
Protesters controlling major part of Libya.

مقتل و إصابا العشرات في طرابلس
Fierce fighting and dozens wounded in Tripolis.

Gadafi speaking to a few followers
from above a fortified town gate.

Excited group of Libyan soldiers ap-
proaching protesters near Benghazi.

UPDATE from February 27, 2011:
صور لكاميرا الجزيرة في قصر للقذافي بمدينة البيضاء تظهر سردابا محصنا ضد هجمات نووية
Pictures taken by Al-Jazeera in Gadafi's palace in
the town of al-Baida are showing a fortified atomic
bunker in the souterrain.

Ventilation and particle filter only recently tested:

UPDATE from February 26, 2011

تشييع قتلى الاشتباكات في مدينة مصراتة الليبية
Public funeral of those killed in [an armed] conflict
in the Libyan town of Misurata ["Masrata"].
[For further information on the cited armed conflict,
please, refer to the February 25 blogspot.]

For further information on U.S. response to events in Libya,
please use the embedded link to Al-Arabiya TV.

YEMEN اليمن

تواصل المظاهرات المطالبة بإسقاط النظام
Continued demonstrations demanding
the abolishment of the regime.

نائبا يستقيلون من الحزبالحاكم
11 deputies [of parliament] resign from the ruling party.

نائبا يعتزمون الاستقالة
59 deputies [of parliament] decide to return [their seats].

JORDAN الأردن

مظاهرة احتجاجية في العاصمة عمان
Demonstration of protest in the capital of Amman.

مطالب بإصلاحات سياسية و اقتصادية
Calls for political and economic reforms.

اتهام الحكومة بالاستبداد و الفساد
The government is being accused of dictatorship
and corruption.

IRAQ العراق

مقتل شخصين و إصابا 5 في الموصل
People died, five were wounded in Mosul.

مظاهرات في بغداد و كركوك و مدن أخرى
Demonstrations in Baghdad, Kirkuk and other towns.

BAHRAIN البحرين

الألاف في دوار اللؤلؤة للتظاهر ضد الحكومة
Thousands on Pearl Square demonstrating against
the government.

وزير الخارجية البحريني: يمكن طرح كافة القضايا على المائدة
According to the foreign minister of Bahrain, it is
possible to get rid of all problems at a [negotiating]


اعتصام يطالب بسقوط الحكومة الأنتقالية
The government of transition needs to be saved from failure.

اتهام حكومة محمد الغنوشي بأنها امتداد للنظام السابق
The government of Mahmud al-Ranushi is being accused of
prolonging the former system.

UPDATE from February 27, 2011:
الغنوشي يعلن استقالته من الحكومة التونسية و اتجاه لتكليف باجي قائد السيسي لخلافته
Al-Ranushi declares his resignation from the Tunisian government [amidst] controversial tendencies [for the] political leader to follow.


المتظاهرون يتمسكون بمطالب الثورة
Protesters stick to their demands [made during] the uprising.

المتظاهرون يطالبون بمحاكمة مبارك و إقالة شفيق
Protesters demanding the punishment of Mubarak and a pitiless

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