Friday, February 18, 2011

The Arab World - Point of No Return

UPDATE from Feb. 19, 2011:
Evening News on Al-Jazeera ( Shortened Arabic version
with English subtitles; الثورات في ليبيا و اليمن )

Historic Unrest in the Arab world

Today, it seems that rebellion in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen reached a point of no return, a final breach of the dyke, that will sooner or later lead to replacement of the actual leadership. Whatever time it might take to achieve the peoples' goal of freedom, democracy and an end to corruption, now, the predicted development received its final impulse in all of those countries: Huge numbers of dead and wounded civilians from the streets of Manama can't be forgotten quickly enough to enable Bahrain's ruling family a return to "business as usual". As to Libya and Yemen, the rebellion has already lasted too long and required too many victims that a kind of status quo could be reached again.

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