Tuesday, May 16, 2017

US - Trump Sacking FBI Director

Here are the latest news on another breathtaking chapter of Trump's presidential rule.

USA Today Headline:
Trump's contacts with FBI Director James Comey break longstanding precedent.

[Read the complete article: "USA Today" on May 15, 2017
and/or listen to their Podcast: Trump fires Comey; chaos ensues. Now what?]

Express (UK) Headline:
White House will NOT reveal if secret FBI Comey tapes exist after Donald Trump's tweet.

The Trump administration has refused to reveal if secret recordings of conversations between the President and former FBI director James Comey exist after US lawmakers threatened to force their release.

[Read the complete article: "Express (UK)" on May 16, 2017]

A visit to "blueprint news" from FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems was detected on
September 10, 2013. It came from Clarksburg, West Virginia, where the FBI is using an
extended area for the installation of its state-of-the-art high-tech information system:

Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree

Mysterious tune related to a scene from George Orwell's "1984",
a dark perception of some totalitarian state exerting total control
over its citizens, its adage being: "Big Brother is watching you!"

By the way, the location of Chestnut Street where all the trators should be lying is a reminder of an old blogspot of mine that is dealing with U.S. spying on its allies. Some visitor to "blueprint news" and who came from Toledo, Spain, brought it to my attention again.


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