Monday, May 29, 2017

North Korea - The Weekly Missile Test

This morning, North Korea carried out its "weekly missile test".

【快讯】朝鲜再次试射 或是飞毛腿导弹

Express Message: North Korea carried out another
test launch of what seems to be a Scud missile.

It's another test launch after the May 22 test and which is shown on the above photo taken by a South Korean photographer.

[Source: Epoch Times 大纪元 on May 29, 2017]

After North Korea's recent series of ballistic missile test, dictator Kim Jong-un is often photographed with the same three men:

The Trio behind North Korea's Missile Program.

Above: Kim Jong-un inspects the intermediate-range Pukguksong-2 ballistic missile at a launch test with Kim Jong Sik (2nd L), Ri Pyong Chol (3rd L) and Jang Chang Ha (R). Ri Pyong Chol is a former top air force general and now acting as a deputy director of the Workers' Party Munitions Industry Department. Born in 1948, Ri was partly educated in Russia and promoted when Kim Jong Un started to rise through the ranks in the late 2000s. He seems to be "the party's guy" in North Korea's missile program. - Kim Jong Sik is a veteran rocket scientist and Jang Chang Ha is the head of a weapons development and procurement center.

[quoted from different western sources .....]

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