Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Emirates and Iran - Rising Tensions

On Saturday evening, the United Arab Emirates' foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed, announced from the general assembly of the United Nations that Iran did not waste time to undermine the security of the region since the conclusion of a nuclear agreement with the world powers last year. Flagrant violation of the principles of sovereignty and intervention in the affairs of its neighbors played a greater role in the continuation of tension and instability in the region.

The minister said that Tehran undermines the security of the region through its rudeness of speech, its volatile and rude intervention and the arming of militias apart from its development of a missile program. He mentioned that many "rude" statements from Iran, only recently issued, confirmed Tehran's abandonment to its intervention in many Arab countries, including Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.

الإمارات: إيران تقوض أمن المنطقة عبر تسليح الميليشيات

The Emirates: Iran undermines the security of the region by arming militias.

[Source: AL-ARABIYA العربية on September 25, 2016]

An earlier report by Al-Arabiya from September 29, 2014, referred to a territorial conflict between UAE and Iran that led to the Emirates' urging Iran to remove its flag from the island of Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf. Abu Musa is actually administered by the Islamic Republic of Iran but claimed by the emirate of Sharjah.

إيران ترفض طلب الإمارات إزالة علمها من "أبي موسى"ـ

Iran rejects the Emirates' request to remove its flag from 'Abu Mousa'.

Another news report by Al-Arabiya from April 5, 2016, mentioned that four spies from Hezbollah and Iran, i.e. three Arab and one Canadian citizen acting on behalf of the Lebanese Hezbollah, had been sentenced to six months and a following exilation from the UAE for the formation and managing of a subversive group, i.e. without permission of the government.

الإمارات.. السجن والإبعاد بحق 4 جواسيس لحزب الله وإيران

The Emirates: Four spies from Hezbollah and Iran sentenced to prison and exile.

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