Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ISIL Activities in Saudi Arabia

According to EMIRATES 24/7 news for Tuesday September 20, 2016, Saudi Arabian authorities uncovered an ISIL-linked terrorist network that was involved in past attacks in the kingdom and was planning future attacks against civilians, security personnel and government sites, the Saudi Interior Ministry said on Monday, September 19.

The terror network was comprised of three cells. Seventeen suspects, among them one Saudi woman, were arrested in the months-long operation. Eleven are Saudi citizens, in addition to three Yemenis, two Egyptians and one Palestinian, Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour Al Turki said in a press conference.

Among other crimes, the group is held responsible for a failed attempt to bomb an oil pipeline in the governorate of ad-Dawadimi. That attempt is mentioned as a main subject in today's online news of AL-ARABIYA TV:

هكذا خطط داعش لاستهداف أهم أنبوب نفط سعودي

This is how ISIL planned to target the most important oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia.

[AL-ARABIYA العربية on September 20, 2016]

Visitor from ARAMCO (Saudi Arabian Oil Company)

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