Saturday, February 06, 2016

North Korea - Alarming News

Rumours of North Korea planning to launch another rocket and which should be carrying a satellite have aroused suspicion by its neighbours. Here are the news of the day:


South Korea: The North will undertake its 25th Rocket Launch on [February] 8.

[Source: Phenix news center 凤凰 on February 6, 2015]


Ready for Battle! Japanese Aegis ships [i.e. warships
equipped with an Aegis combat system] are massing
as a reaction to the North Korean rocket [launch].


In the past few days, Japanese media reported that Japan sent its naval defense unit's main force, the Aegis destroyers, to build up a some [combat] scenario, being alarmed by a tightening situation when North Korea is planning to launch another rocket.

[Original Source: Global Network 环球网, quoted by Chinanews on February 6, 2016]


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