Friday, February 19, 2016

Jerusalem - Picture of the Day

ثلاثة شهداء بنيران الاحتلال في القدس والضفة

Three died under fire of occupation forces
in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

كاميرا الجزيرة توثق لحظة إطلاق قوات الاحتلال
وابلا من الرصاص على فلسطيني في القدس

A camera of Al-Jazeera witnesses the starting moment
of a shooting spray by occupation forces [targeting] a
Palestinian in Jerusalem.

Editor's Note:
From the video sequence alone it is difficult to decide why the shooting spray really started as the Israeli soldier can be seen running away before he turns back and targets the Palestinian running after him. Such, the video remains but the proof of tense relations between Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces many decades after the conflict started.

[Source: Al-Jazeera الجزيرة, Arabic website, on Februar 19, 2016]


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