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Nigeria - Bloody Trail of Boko Haram

Last Update: February 22

Three days ago, CNN reported about recent activity of "Boko Haram بوكو حرام", a militant Islamic group usually operating in Northern Nigeria, a region dominated by Muslims while the Christian population is mainly living in the southern part of the country.

According to CNN, 106 people should have been killed by Boko Haram in Borno district, North-Eastern Nigeria. [Source: CNN U.S. TV news on February 17, 2014]

Among the bloodiest incidents related to Boko Haram was a shooting spray targeting the living quarters of students that belonged to a center for agricultural studies in the same area. According to China's People's Network, 50 persons should have died on that occasion in September 2013. It is said, the death toll remained rather moderate as most students had already left to attend their lectures when the terrorists came. [Source: People's Network 人民网 on September 30, 2013]

Abuja township in the center of Nigeria is marking the ethnic and religious border between regional tribes that belong to either Muslimic or Christian communities. In the past, Abuja as well experienced terrorist attacks, including the torching of a newspaper office located there. [Source: Al-Jazeera TV الجزيرة]

Further reports on Boko Haram can be found on the Arabic service of Sky News. Their latest news report was published yesterday, February 19.

Above picture: Devastation left after an attack of
Boko Haram on a Nigerian village last January.

نيجيريا.. بوكو حرام تتوعد باستهداف النفط

Nigeria ..... Boko Haram is threatening to [concentrate its efforts] on petrol.

توعد زعيم جماعة بوكو حرام "المتشددة" أبو بكر شيكاو، بشن هجمات على المنطقة النفطية في جنوب نيجيريا، وذلك في شريط مصور، وفق ما ذكرت وكالة "فرانس برس" الأربعاء.ـ

In a video, Boko Haram group's leader "the rigorous" Abu Bakr [Shikawu] threatened to launch an offensive against the oil region in Southern Nigeria. [That video's] adaptation was mentioned by "France Press" agency [i.e. AFP] on Wednesday [i.e. February 19].

[Source: SkyNews Arabic سكاي نيوز عربية on February 19, 2014]

Abu Bakr


UPDATE for February 22:

According to different reports from ORF, Austria's National TV, Boko Haram should have staged two bloody attacks in Borno state recently. That one already mentioned above and which left 106 villagers dead and another one that took place in Bama township only some days later and resulted in a death toll of actually 60. Public buildings should have been severely damaged during the Bama incident while Nigerian military is quoted having killed numerous insurgents in an air raid that followed the attack.

ORF added that since 2009 thousands of people should have been killed by Boko Haram. Nigeria's federal state of Borno is seen as their main stronghold where civilian rule has been officially replaced by military rule since 2013. Joint forces from Nigeria, Niger and Tchad are actually trying to control that region.

Boko Haram is said to be fighting for about ten years to establish an Islamic emirate in Northern Nigeria by means of terrorist attacks that are directly targeting Christian villagers as well as public installations and Nigerian government authorities.

[Source: ORF on February 17 and 20, 2014]


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