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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ukraine - Crimean Referendum

Latest Development (March 16, 03:30 GMT):
According to different German news sources, some secondary NATO websites should have been disabled by hacker activity. All sources are mentioning a possible relationship with the Crimean referendum which is to begin only some hours later. [Main Source: German N-TV news] => Related NATO paper: NATO and Cyber Defence.

The New York Times (March 16, European edition):
Russia Seizes Gas Plant Near Crimea Border, Ukraine Says => illustrated article

Crimean News Agency QHA (March 17):
- Turnout of votes 64% by 15:00 on day of referendum (i.e. March 16).
- 93% of Crimeans voted for Russia.
- 90% of Crimean Tatars didn't take part in referendum.
- Dead body of a Crimean Tatar with signs of torture found in Crimea.
- Ukrainian soldier to swear an oath to Crimea or leave.
- Referendum results to be adopted on March 17.
- Crimean authorities to introduce Russian ruble in April.
- Russia's Putin tells Germany's Merkel referendum in Crimea is legal.

The Muslimic and Turkish speaking minority of Tatars in the
[Autonomous] Republic of Crimea [picture from archives].

زعيم مسلمي القرم: تدخلوا قبل وقوع المجازر

Crimea's Muslimic leader: [Intervention] prior to the occurrence of massacres.

طالب زعيم التتار المسلمين في القرم مصطفى جميليف اليوم الخميس حلف شمال الاطلسي الناتو بالتدخل "قبل وقوع مجزرة"، داعيا أبناء الأقلية لمقاطعة الاستفتاء المقرر الأحد القادم في شبه الجزيرة الأوكرانية حول انضمامها إلى روسيا.ـ

Today, Thursday [i.e. March 13], the leader of Crimea's Muslimic Tatars, Musdafa Djamilif, called for the North Atlantic Pact NATO to intervene "prior to the occurrence of massacres" [while inviting] the descendants of [that] minority to boycott the referendum [which is] to be held next Sunday on the Ukrainian peninsula on the issue of its affiliation to Russia.

وقال جميليف في اتصال هاتفي مع وكالة فرانس برس من بروكسل "ندعو تتار القرم لمقاطعة الاستفتاء"، مضيفا "طالما ان الامم المتحدة لن توافق أبدا، بسبب الفيتو الروسي في مجلس الأمن الدولي، على إرسال قوات حفظ سلام دولية إلى القرم، فإن حلف شمال الأطلسي عليه أن يتدخل كما فعل في كوسوفو (...) قبل وقوع مجزرة في القرم".ـ

In a telephone call with the [news] agency France-Press in Brussels, Djamilif said: " We are calling the Crimean Tatars to boycott the referendum ", [and he added:] " Since the United Nations will never agree to a deployment of international peace-keeping forces in Crimea because of Russia's veto in the international Security Council, [what] if the North Atlantic Pact therefore intervenes like it did in Kosovo (...) before it comes to a massacre in Crimea. "

And Djamilif added being decided to meet with the secretary general of the North Atlantic Pact, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

[Source: Network of Al-Arabiya TV العربية نت on March 14, 2014]

Editor's Note: The Tatar minority comprises about 12-15% of the Crimean peninsula's population.


The following excerpt belongs to an article on the problem of self-rule in Crimea, Kosovo and other countries and was published by Peter Baker, staff-writer for The New York Times, on March 8, 2014. I consider this to be a " must have read ".

" The Kosovars’ secession from Serbia in 1999 drove a deep wedge between the United States and Russia that soured relations for years. Washington supported Kosovo’s bid for independence, culminating in 2008, while Moscow saw it as an infringement of Serbia’s sovereignty.

Now 15 years later, the former Cold War rivals again find themselves at odds, but this time they have effectively switched sides: Russia loudly proclaims Crimea’s right to break off from Ukraine while the United States calls it illegitimate. The showdown in Ukraine has revived a centuries-old debate over the right of self-determination versus the territorial integrity of nation-states. "


" No Right to Finance Bandits "
[quoting Ukraine's ousted
president V. Yanukóvich]

The above article from the Spanish website of Russia's state-run TV Russia Today RT was published on March 13 and deals with Russia's interest to avoid any disturbances of its gas deliveries to the Ukraine and other countries.

On the occasion of his meeting with German vice-chancellor and minister for economy and energy, Sigmar Gabriel, the president of Russia's energy giant Gazprom, Alexéi Miller, is quoted with the following words:

" Even though we have all rights from the valid contract to request prepayment, we refrain from doing so because we don't want to promote an economic collapse of Ukraine. Neither do we want the appearance of risks for Russian gas delivery to Europe. "


"Minority Report":

Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Moral Gap in Politics

Last Update: 2nd December 2018
This blogspot includes latest news
on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict:

" We are the evil guys ! "

US president Trump is ignoring CIA assessment that Saudi crown prince Bin Salman
ordered the Kashoggi killing inside the Saudi consulate general in Istanbul / Turkey.

Timeline of Novichok attack on former Russian spy Skripal at his Salisbury home (GB).
Public assessment made by official from British counter-terrorism.

Still to remember: The Litvinenko killing using radioactive Polonium.

And here we are back in the USA .....

US president Trump, Michael Cohen and the "Russia Connection"

On Thursday November 29, 2018, the US based Lawfare Blog published an evaluation of the fact that Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and fixer for Donald Trump, had admitted in court his participation in a deal between the Trump Organization and Russian authorities which up to then remained unknown. [The quoted blog is published by Lawfare Institute and which is connected with the Brookings Institute think tank in Washington DC.]

In effect, Cohen admitted in court on Thursday that even as Russian operatives were hacking Democratic emails and getting ready to dump emails through Wikileaks, even as Trump was publicly praising Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, even as the Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr. took place in the summer of 2016, the Trump Organization—with Trump and his family very much in the know—was negotiating to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The Trump Organization was negotiating—or, at least, trying to negotiate—this deal with the Kremlin itself. And Cohen has admitted that he lied to Congress about this history to protect Trump politically.
The primary point is that this is all utterly unacceptable. That a large swath of the public, and the legislative branch, has chosen to accept it does not make it more reasonable that a man seeking to be president of the United States would at the same time publicly cozy up to a foreign dictator and negotiate with his regime over a potential business opportunity—and then cover it all up. The story is likely to get worse. As this article was about to go to publication, Anthony Cormier and Jason Leopold broke in BuzzFeed News that the Trump Organization planned to gift Vladimir Putin a penthouse suite at Trump Tower Moscow.

By the way, Israel isn't much better off .....

Headlines of Israel's daily Haaretz on 2nd December 2018.


Latest News from Ukraine:

Al-Jazeera on November 29, 2018, quoting an interview
granted by Ukraine's president to a German newspaper.

As Ukraine's presidential elections are near, allegations are spreading that president Poroshenko is looking to boost his approval rating by using the long-standing Crimea conflict with Russia as a pretext. According to the Russian news center Sputnik, Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for Russia's foreign ministry, stated at a briefing on November 30:
"The intention of the Kiev regime, its representatives and, of course, President Petro Poroshenko is clear. Its primary target is using a martial law for boosting approval rating, which is rapidly falling, in order to earn points riding another wave of Russiphobia".

Russia's S-400 air defence system deployed in the Russian controlled zone
of disputed Crimea in the frame of an overall military build-up by Russia.

First news about S-400 deployment from SINA on November 29, 2018.

On Saturday December 1st, 2018, Ukraine's president Poroshenko came about with figures of a Russian military build-up and which are being considered as realistic by Igor Koziy, a military expert at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation. The following information was published by Al-Jazeera the same day:

More than 80,000 Russian soldiers are present at Ukraine's borders and the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula, as well as the rebel-held regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, according to the Ukrainian president.


As he rallies for international support against Moscow, Poroshenko said Russia had about 1,400 artillery and rocket systems, 900 tanks, 2,300 armoured combat vehicles, more than 500 military planes and 300 helicopters in and around Ukraine.

Russia has more than 80 Russian military ships and eight submarines in the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Aegean Sea, according to Poroshenko.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Russia Sanctions - Chinese Evaluation

A comprehensive article, published on December 23, 2014, in People's Network, Beijing, and referring to China's press agency Xin Hua 新华, is discussing certain aspects of western sanctions recently put into effect against Russia as far as they might hint at a possible crack between the U.S. and their allies in Europe. Here some quotations from that article in the English translation:


Title: Is there a Crack in the Western Alliance against Russia ?


" If the crisis runs completely out of control, this doesn't accord with our interests ", Germany's foreign minister [said], thus hinting at EU sanctions for Russia when that question was raised.

近日,在俄罗斯遭受油价和卢布汇率暴跌的威胁之际,欧美对俄罗斯发起了新一轮的制裁。其中,欧盟进一步限制对克里米亚和塞瓦斯托波尔进行贸易和投资活动,美国 禁止投资克里米亚或对这一地区进出口货物、技术和服务。

Recently, on the occasion of Russia suffering from a steep fall of the oil price and the rouble exchange rate, the European - U.S. alliance launched a new round of sanctions against Russia. In that frame, the European Union placed further restrictions on trade and investment activities regarding Crimea and Sevastopol, [while] the United States prohibited investment in Crimea [including] import and export of goods, technology and trade from that area.

今年以来,在美国的施压下,欧盟谨慎地一步步升级对俄制裁措施。对俄罗斯的连番经济打击,在令俄经济处境困难的同时,德国也坐不住了。德国外长似乎唱起了 反调,称试图通过经济手段迫使俄罗斯妥协同时强化欧洲地区安全形势是错误的想法。而德国总理默克尔更是公开表示,德国愿与俄罗斯共同应对国际安全挑战, 双方往来应继续深化,德方会维护与俄方的伙伴关系原则。作为欧盟核心大国,德国的抱怨似乎暴露了西方“反俄同盟”离心离德的一面。

From this year on and due to U.S. pressure, the European Union will step by step carefully escalate its punishing measures towards Russia. Joint economic attacks against Russia at the same time of an unfavourable and difficult situation in Russia cannot leave Germany sitting still any longer. Germany's foreign minister has seemingly sung an opposing tune, calling a wrong idea the circumstances of an attempt to adopt economic measures that would force Russia to compromise and, at the same time, strengthen Europe's regional safety. And German chancellor Merkel even more publicly shows that Germany is hoping to answer all challenges to international safety together with Russia. .....


Opposing the EU's position, a tough Putin, not being the crude and impetuous guy, [turned down] the big countries of the EU.
While being fixed on the matter of a French-Russian "North-Western" amphibious warship deal, France is [now] under pressure. Another delay of delivery to Russia of already built warships, [and] the Russian side [might] threaten France to compensate for a huge sum of money for violating the treaty. When on December 6, Putin stepped back from a manifestation of generosity, he expected France to be able to fulfill the contract's content. If not [and] even if France doesn't deliver the warships, Russia would not be able to claim damages, but would expect France to exactly return the prefixed sum of money.

美国远在天边可以隔岸观火,与俄罗斯相邻却是欧盟无法回避的宿命。围绕乌克兰危机进行的“反俄斗法”,欧盟同样付出了不小的代价。欧盟国家还能否继续亦步亦趋 地伙同美国保持“反俄同盟”的团结,将是俄罗斯密切留心的微妙话题。(文/刘小军)(来源:新华国际)

America being far away, can watch a fire from the other side of the ocean. The European Union, however, is incapable of evading fatalism while being Russia's neighbour. With an "anti-Russian way of contest" underway and which is centered around the Ukrainian crisis, the EU has equally paid [its] price, which was far from being low. Whether or not the countries of the European Union can still continue imitating every move [while] rallying around the "anti-Russian alliance" maintained in league with America, is a delicate topic, closely and carefully [observed] by Russia.

Russian visitor to "blueprint news" from the region bordering Ukraine.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Ukraine Conflict - The Ideology of War

The State of Conflict
[Updates included]

Tens of thousands of Russian troops have gathered at the Ukrainian border, raising worries amongst the U.S. and its allies of a possible invasion. Russia has said it built up its military to prevent NATO expansion towards its borders and to defend Russian ethnic nationals living in the war-torn east Ukrainian region of Donbas.

US President Biden has said that Russia will have "a heavy price to pay" if it invades Ukraine.

Biden made his comment after reporters asked about his latest phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 30. During the 50-minute call, the two presidents mostly discussed de-escalation in Ukraine and U.S.-Russia diplomatic relations heading into European talks that will begin in mid-January.

Following the Biden-Putin call, a group of 24 former U.S. national security officials and Russia experts — a group that includes several officials who served in the Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton’s administrations — released a statement calling on Biden to immediately, and publicly, lay out the penalties Russia would face if Putin were to move forward with military action.

“We believe the United States should, in closest consultation with its NATO allies and with Ukraine, take immediate steps to affect the Kremlin’s cost-benefit calculations before the Russian leadership opts for further military escalation,” the group wrote. “Such a response would include a package of major and painful sanctions that would be applied immediately if Russia assaults Ukraine. Ideally, the outline of these sanctions would be communicated now to Moscow, so that the Kremlin has a clear understanding of the magnitude of the economic hit it will face.”

The Russians for their part continue to make the case that they are facing an existential threat with Ukraine.

UPDATE 04-01-2022
Russian Cyber Attacks

Ukraine has been the target of Russia’s most brazen cyber operations in recent years. Such attacks would surely accompany any land invasion launched by the roughly 175,000 Russian troops currently massed on the Ukraine border.

Cybersecurity experts are already noting an uptick in Russian cyber intrusions into Ukrainian government and civilian computer networks that could lay the groundwork for a major cyberattack. [Washington Post]

I recently learned about a cyber attack which caused a shutdown of local electricity in Ukraine. The shutdown was stopped by the aggressor only shortly before essential and long-lasting damage to the regional water supply could be caused by the freezing of idle pumping systems during the cold season. [German TV documentation]

Some Historic and Ethnic Facts
Serving Russia's War Readiness

Historic Links Between Moscow and Kiev

In the 11th century, a prince called Yaroslav the Wise united principalities lying between the Baltic and Black seas, codifying laws and forming the first political state of the eastern Slavs. Both Russia and Ukraine claim him as a forefather.

The kingdom of Yaroslav became a central part of the Russian empire during later centuries, and the axis Moscow-Kiev even served as the main line of supply for the Russian-Japanese War at the beginning of the 20th century where Russia blew most of its military and financial reserves in a colonial adventure that should provide access to coal, iron and unexpensive labour in China's eastern province of Manchuria, a region that was contested at the time between two colonial powers, Russia and Japan.

Further information is available from a brandnew Chinese article:
* 乌克兰的历史 *

The above quoted source from China and less comprehensive sources from the West are hinting at the role of national identity that is firing the Ukraine Conflict.

Ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine

As to the distribution of ethnic Russians in contested areas of Eastern Ukraine, there is an article I once published in this blog in order to prove the presence of a vast community of Russians in the Donbas region after World War II:
* Russlands Historische Wurzeln am Rand der Ukraine *
This article has been written in German as it refers to Russian literature, translated into German and distributed in occupied Eastern Germany after the end of World War II. At that time, nothing indicated that the Donbas region would become an object of dispute between independent states.

A related English language article on the 2014 referendum in the frame of Russia's occupation of Crimea can be found here:
* Ukraine - Crimean Referendum *

European Dreams of Love
Peace and Open Markets

Now that the Ukraine Conflict has become increasingly complicated and dangerous, the European Union needs to decide whether to leave it to US President Biden to negotiate a deal with Russia's Putin regarding an publicly requested - though hypothetic - NATO membership of Ukraine, or get involved to find new ways of further cooperation between the EU and Ukraine that could be tolerated by Putin. However, there is not much choice left. Wouldn't it be therefore more favourable to abandon the fundamental idea of making Ukraine an affiliate to the EU which could only lead to a direct confrontation with Russia. In case of an armed conflict which seems to become more and more real, this could freeze all relations with Russia for years.

To emphasize 'value based policies' in foreign politics might not be the best choice at the moment. Close economic relationship could be achieved sooner or later anyway, however not in opposition with existing treaties signed between Ukraine and Russia.

As I tried to show, both countries enjoy a long common history that was, as well, the history of the Russian Empire smashed in the revolution of 1917. When the subsequently founded Soviet Union failed in the 1980ies, Ukraine became independent, however not completely separated from Russia. There are still many links, economic and ethnic ones, which have their impact on Russian-Ukrainian coexistence. No wonder that Russia's leader looks with great suspicion at the expansion of the European Union, even though he might be aware that such expansion can include an unhealthy aspect for the EU itself.

Memories of the 'Great War of the Fatherland' are still present, especially in the disputed area of Donbas and Crimea. This is what should not be forgotten. When Russian troops finally prevailed over German invaders in the battle of nearby Stalingrad at the end of 1942, it was the result of different reasons and developments, and it was not the logical consequence of Russian supremacy.

And we don't want to see the Euro currency end like the German occupation forces' Karbowanez currency for Ukraine in 1942.

Well, the 20 Euro banknote for use in Ukraine is a fake ! But I hope I got it look real.
Or do you really wish to make Ukraine a part of the European Union and 'Euroland' ?

Saturday, June 09, 2018

G7 Meeting - Tough Talks

Last Update: June 11
including news about the
upcoming talks between
Trump and Kim Jong-un.

US president Trump's recently decreed import tariffs, his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and his position in the climate change discussion have raised much displeasure and resistance among other global leaders especially those from China, Canada and France.

His proposal to reintegrate Russia in the group of leading industrialized nations - now known as the G7 - has even more isolated him on the current meeting.

Russia was suspended from the group - then known as the G8 - in 2014 after the majority of member countries allied against Russia's annexation of Crimea, which Russia continues to hold.

Here's a news video provided by the Canadian TV station CTV and which is giving an idea of the tensions that exist between Trump and his host, the Canadian prime minister Trudeau.

The original article on the CTV website is "enriched" with tweets from "the real" Donald Trump.

At least, Trump can leave the G7 summit earlier to meet with someone of his own breed:

A reminder of the German proverbe "Pack schlägt sich; Pack verträgt sich" .....

Could have been created by the Chinese who invented Global Climate Change .....


While Trump is hurrying to a "Feast at Hong Gate", could
the US Dollar meet with its death from a single blow ?

Next Wednesday the [US] Central Bank will have to shoulder
two great summits !

Editor's Note:
In Chinese culture, the term Hong Men Yan ("Feast at Hong Gate") is used figuratively to refer to a trap or a situation ostensibly joyous but in fact treacherous. The historic event was about two rebel leaders rivalling for supremacy over China. One of them was planned to be assassinated at a "banquet of friendship".

[JinRongJie / Financial World 金融界 on June 9, 2018]

While the Western Alliance of Industrialized Nations is crumbling at the current G7 summit, the Chinese-led Central Asian Bloc is even expanding with its new members India and Pakistan, both hailed at this weekend's summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the northern Chinese port of Qingdao. Furthermore, China's leader Xi Jin-Ping presented Russian President Vladimir Putin China's first Friendship Medal at an elaborate ceremony in Beijing.

The creation of the Central Asian Bloc is a result of China's One Belt One Road Initiative. The bloc was founded in 2001 and is dominated by China and Russia and also includes Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.


Visitor to "blueprint news" coming from South Korea.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

U.S. Sanctions - Russia Strikes Back

俄或停止向美国供应火箭发动机 以回应美制裁

Headline: Russia probably stops supplying the U.S.
with missile engines as an answer to U.S. sanctions.


According to a Russian news agency report on May 13, Russia's deputy prime minister Rogozin made clear the same day that Russia suspends further supply of RD-180 and K-33 missile engines to the U.S. as an answer to U.S. sanctions.

[Source: XinHua Network 新华网, quoted by 中国甘肃网 on May 14, 2014]

The RD-180 (РД-180, Ракетный Двигатель-180, Rocket Engine-180) is a Russian-designed-and-built rocket engine. It features a dual-combustion chamber, dual-nozzle design and is fueled by a kerosene/liquid oxygene mixture. Currently RD-180 engines are used for the first-stage of the U.S. Atlas V launch vehicle and which is expended at each launch. Therefore, a steady supply of RD-180 engines is needed.

Doubts about the reliability of the supply chain for the RD-180 arose following the Ukraine crisis in March 2014. For over 13 years since the engine was first used in the Lockheed Martin Atlas III launch vehicle in 2000, there was never any serious jeopardy to the engine supply, despite an uneven record of U.S.-Russian relations since the Cold War.

Deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin now said "Russia will ban the United States from using Russian-made rocket engines for military launches" thus targeting the frequent military payloads of the ULA Atlas V launch vehicle which powers its first stage with two RD-180 engines.

Originally intended was a co-production of the RD-180 engine by Pratt&Whitney, however up to now all engines have been produced in Russia.

test-firing of an RD-180 engine


Rogozin, one of the senior Russian officials sanctioned by the European Union and United States after Moscow moved to annex Crimea, was turned away when his plane tried to fly to Moscow from Moldova's breakaway Transdniestria region.

According to his tweets in English, Rogozin, who oversees Russia's powerful arms industry, was also blocked by Ukrainian interceptor jets as he tried to fly home from the Russian-speaking region of Moldova bordering Ukraine.

"Upon US request, Romania has closed its airspace for my plane," he tweeted. "Ukraine doesn't allow me to pass through again. Next time I'll fly on board TU-160." The supersonic Soviet-era TU-160 is Russia's largest strategic bomber.

On Saturday the Romanian foreign ministry asked Moscow to clarify whether Rogozin's comments represented "the Russian Federation's official position towards Romania as an EU and Nato member".

[Source: The Guardian, British daily on May 10, 2014]

罗戈津:若摩尔达维亚与欧盟建立联系国关系 俄与其关系或改变

Rogozin: If Moldavia and the EU establish relations of national significance, the relationship between Russia and them will probably change.

[Source: Voice of Russia (Chinese) 俄罗斯之声 on May 12, 2014]


The Art of War


Sunzi said:
War is a question of vital importance to the state, a matter of life and death, the road to survival or ruin. Hence, it is a subject which calls for careful study.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Results of Eastern Ukraine Referendum

Final Results of the Referendum in Favor of an Independent Development:

- Donezk Region: 89.07% voted "yes" [74.87% participation in the vote]
- Lugansk Region: 96.2% voted "yes" [75% participation in the vote]

"Do you support the act of independence for the People's Republic of Donezk?"

Following the referendum, officials of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have not ruled out that in case the situation in the region deteriorates, they may have to request peacekeeping forces to be deployed.

“We will try to cope with it on our own; we don’t want this confrontation to increase, especially on our territory,” Denis Pushilin, co-chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic, said. "If the situation deteriorates, we reserve the right to ask for a peacekeeping contingent,” he added.

Pushilin has also said that within hours the Donetsk People’s Republic may decide if it is going to stay with Ukraine or not. The republic has also decided not to take part in Ukraine’s presidential elections on May 25, according to media reports.

Moscow says it's not in a rush to respond to the Donetsk People's Republic’s plea of accession.

[Source: Russian state TV (RT) on their website on May 12, 2014]

All data quoted from the Russian source RT are consistent with those from other foreign media and from previous evaluations.



The public prosecutor of Crimea, a beautiful woman, has been added to a name list of those to be sanctioned by the European Alliance.

[Source: CaiJing Wang 财经网, a Chinese news center for finance and economics on May 13, 2014]

Maybe Natalya doesn't need expensive cosmetics from Western Europe .....

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eastern Ukraine - Hours Before the Referendum

Latest News on May 11/12, 2014:

First voters in the Donezk region.

بدء الاستفتاء على الانفصال بشرقي أوكرانيا

The Referendum for a Separation of Eastern Ukraine has Begun.

بدأ الانفصاليون الموالون لروسيا صباح اليوم الأحد التصويت في إقليم دونباس الذي يشمل مقاطعتي دونيتسك ولوغانسك شرقي أوكرانيا باستفتاء للانفصال عن أوكرانيا، فيما أعلنت واشنطن رفضها لنتائج التصويت، وهددت برفقة حلفائها بتوسيع دائرة العقوبات على روسيا في حال استمرت خطوات إقرار انفصال مناطق شرقي أوكرانيا.ـ

On Sunday morning, pro-Russian separatists have begun a vote in the Donbass region and which is comprising [...] Donezk and Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine in a referendum on the separation from Ukraine. Washington meanwhile announced its rejection of the voting results and threatened, [in correspondence with] its allies, to extend the scope of sanctions against Russia in case further steps would be taken [towards a declaration that should establish] the separation of eastern regions from Ukraine.

[Source: Al Jazeera الجزيرة on May 11, 2014]


乌克兰 “地区公投” 难解乱局

Ukraine - "Regional Referendum" - Difficult to Find Disorder

In the Donezk and Lugansk area 7,3 million voters were to cast their ballots within eight hours. According to latest information from the election committee and that reached People's Daily on May 11, about 70% of entitled voters in Donezk and 80% in Lugansk participated in the referendum. After the counting of votes, first results will be published on May 12.

[Source: People's Network / People's Daily 人民网—人民日报 on May 12, 2014]


"Do you support the act of independence for the People's Republic of Donezk?"

Los Angeles Times Expecting
Huge Support of Referendum
However for Different Reasons

Some residents of [Mariúpol in Donezk region] voted for independence Sunday in expectation of soon having their region annexed by Russia.

Others cast "yes" votes as what they considered a first step toward demanding more regional autonomy while remaining part of Ukraine.

Still others, frustrated by rising prices and a withered national currency, voted in favor of the vaguely worded referendum out of conviction that they can depend on neither Kiev nor Moscow to resolve their political and security problems.

Only those supportive — or at least tolerant — of the interim national leadership in Kiev opposed the referendum, and rather than vote "no," many simply stayed away from the polls.

Selected opinion from among "yes" voters:

"We want to decide our own affairs.
We don't want America or Europe
coming here, and I don't think we
can count on Russia's help."

[Source: Los Angeles Times on May 11, 2014]

UPDATE added below on "Germany's Role as a Peacemaker"

Only hours before pro-Russian insurgents will start their referendum for independence from Ukraine, Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany in Moscow and Crimea with its president Putin appearing in both places. As to the referendum he publicly suggested its postponement, thus leaving it to the pro-Russian forces in Slavyansk and Donezk to establish a separate state without giving any evidence that Moscow might be involved in the local uprise.

Headlines from Russia on May 9, 2014

Праздничные салюты в честь Дня Победы прошли в Москве и Севастополе
Holiday salutes honouring the Day of Victory have passed in Moscow and Sevastopol. [Anniversary of Russia's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II]

Украинские силовики устроили стрельбу в центре Мариуполя
Ukrainian [mercenaries] have arranged a shooting in the center of Mariúpol.

Медицинскому самолёту отказано в посадке в Мариуполе для эвакуации тяжелораненого видеожурналиста RT
[On the difficulty] to evacuate a critically wounded videojournalist, working for RT, out of Mariúpol. [Medical aid personnell is not allowed to land in Mariúpol.]


Local videos related to the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Please note that situations shown here cannot always be verified by independent sources:

May 09:
Video from Slaviansk showing tanks captured by a pro-Russian militia. Militiamen are surrounded by local people chanting "Slava Donbass", thus showing their support of the separation movement:

Mai 06:
"Обстановка в окрестностях Славянска" - "Conditions in the vicinity of Slavyansk." A Russian language video showing the proceedings at a Ukrainian checkpoint out of Slavyansk.

Mai 03:
South-East Ukraine: "Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People)" - Published by Russia's state TV (RT)


Germany as a Peacemaker ?

Germany's Peacemaker "Count Baltar":
And sure he is an honourable man .....

"The Black Channel": Even Pinochet was a Nice Guy
Schröder and Putin - A Painful Reality

A "strategic partner" the Kremlin should be - such was the idea of the Social Democratic Party. Some kind of self-deception. Gerhard Schröder's chumminess with Vladimir Putin leads his "comrades" to painfully face the failure of their policy towards Russia. [Der Spiegel, German magazine, online edition from April 29, 2014 => original text]

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ukraine - US and Russian Interest

News UPDATE on April 23, 2014:

北约加强东欧军事部署 五艘军舰奔赴波罗的海

NATO enhances its military deployment in Eastern Europe.
Five navy ships are hurrying to the Baltic Sea.

On April 22, five navy ships left the German port of Kiel heading for the Baltic Sea in order to enhance military deployment in that area and for emergency response in case of a sudden incident to happen.

These five NATO ships are coming from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia. Four ships are minesweepers, one is a supply ship.

According to Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the NATO ships are intended to ensure maritime safety in the area.

[Source: People's Network (China) 人民网 on April 23, 2014: 北约加强东欧军事部署 五艘军舰奔赴波罗的海]


German media:
The U.S. [way of] facing Russia's tough attitude
gets Europe caught in a difficult position.

Obama's [way of] meeting with the tough position of
Russia's policy makes Europe suffer from severe loss.

[Source: People's Network (China) 人民网 on April 23, 2014: 徳媒:美国对俄强硬姿态使欧洲陷入困境]

美国向乌克兰提供更多军援 欲与波兰深化防务合作

The U.S. provide more military aid for Ukraine and
want Poland to deepen its defence cooperation.

On April 17 and while meeting with his counterpart from Poland, U.S. defence secretary Hagel announced that President Obama had already granted "unlethal" military aid to Ukraine, comprising medicine, helmets, sleeping mats, water cleaning devices, tents and small-size generators, as well as manually operated oil pumps.

This is the second time after Russia entering Crimea in the middle of March that Ukraine receives military help from the U.S.. The first delivery at the end of March comprised food rations for military use.

Furthermore, Hagel made clear the U.S. want Poland to make changes in its defence cooperation. The targeted domains are including special forces, air force, anti-missile units, training and manoeuvre practice and are reaching up to an increased formation of joint air force units together with its allies.

From 2012 on U.S. air force had stationed F-16 war planes in Poland for joint training. At the beginning of March [2014] when the Ukrainian situation worsened, the Pentagon decided to deploy another 12 F-16 war planes and 200 troops in Poland. In that frame, Hagel mentioned as well the participation of Romania where 12 F-16 regularly bought war planes had been deployed last year.

[Source: People's Network (China) 人民网 on April 18, 2014 => 美国向乌克兰提供更多军援 欲与波兰深化防务合作]

Chuck Hagel - First prominent politician from the West to visit
China's aircraft carrier Liaoning in early April 2014.

" The Ukrainian crisis is likely to push Russia to develop a crucial relationship with China, and it’s also probable that the US will cozy up more with China to balance against Russia, both of which benefit China, Chinese expert Andrew Leung told RT. "

The above quotation has been taken from an expert interview on a further deepening of economic cooperation between Russia and China after Russia, pressured by the West, needs to find new markets for its natural energy resources and another payment system, such avoiding the U.S.$ system. => The complete interview was published by RT, Russia's state TV, on its website on April 21, 2014.

A related "independent" comment on this website is reading as follows:
" The bottom line is that the hilarious irony of the situation is that in all its efforts to stop or slow down the formation of another Eastern Bloc, the west has set the stage for something even bigger: the creation of a pan-Eurasian economic union (and potentially, military alliance via expansion of the CSTO).
Eurasia is rising, and in time, the west will realize that it is too late to stop it. "

CSTO is the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the most prominent members of which are China and Russia. In 2013, CSTO already reached an agreement in the Syrian crisis and which was opposing the official NATO position: Russia – China and CSTO draw Red Line about NATO Despotism.

Russia's Putin and China's Xi JinPing on a CSTO meeting in Sochi, February 2014.


One of today's visitors to "blueprint news" and who came from Odessa, Ukraine.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ukraine - New Voices

As there are many sides involved in the Ukrainian drama, so there are many voices to be heard. This, however, doesn't make it easier to receive a complete picture of the situation. To add some further pieces to the puzzle, here are selected news I collected while searching the web and watching satellite TV during the last days.

نحو ألف من المسلحين يحاصرون وحدات من حرس الحدود الأوكرانيين في شبه جزيرة القرم

About 1,000 troops besiege units of the Ukrainian border guard on the Crimean peninsula.

موسكو: قرار الرئيس بوتين بالتدخل العسكري في اوكرانيا يحظى بتأييد شعبي روسي على أنه حماية للروس هناك

Moscow: As to the military intervention of the Ukraine, president Putin is enjoying the support of the Russian people [under the aspect of] a protection of the Russians there.

[Al-Jazeera Arabic TV on March 2]


Analista: Las sanciones se podrían tomar como declaración de guerra.

An analyst is saying the sanctions [considered by U.S. and EU] could be taken as a declaration of war.

The above headline is referring to a live interview with some expert from Madrid. The running text below is implying that Ukrainian military units should have decided to surrender "in masses" to Russian intervention troops. This, however, has been denied by different independent observers.

[RT-TV (Russia Today) on March 2]

From Moscow with Love ..............
Limpia Noticias - News Cleaner
To help you clean your TV-screen.
A new product provided by RT-TV
(Russia Today, Spanish program).

[ Editor's WARNING: Keep it away from immature persons ! ]

Above: Spanish website of Russia Today RT on March 4, 2014.

Now, here is an article chosen from today's English website of Russia's RT-TV and which is titled: Russia is allowed to have 25,000 troops in Crimea...and other facts you didn’t know. I'm sure this has the truth, even though, it might be only half of the truth as foreign military out of its local base could easily be considered as an invasion.


Welcome to World War III