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China Navy Blockbuster

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Operation Red Sea - 红海行动

帮助商船在反对海盗以后中国海军舰的特种部队帮助中国人离开一个非洲的国家,这个国家的政府倒塌了, 外国人要怕伊斯兰教恐怖分子,恐怖分子想用脏弹含有从铀矿物制造的黄饼。这不是海战,这是地面战争在摩洛哥的山地 …………

In February 2018 a brandnew Chinese language blockbuster was released by film director Dante Lam. The plot of "Operation Red Sea" is essentially based on a military coup staged in some fictive North-African country and which leads to the need to evacuate Chinese citizens together with some other foreigners who are now endangered by militant Islamic terrorists decided to drive the world into chaos with a dirty bomb. The radioactive product needed for the bomb should be provided by the responsible person of some globally connected mining company and who has fallen into the hands of the terrorists.

The plot is related to a famous rescue operation carried out by China's navy in Yemen when a bloody conflict escalated between Yemen's national government and Houthy rebels in March 2015. Here now some remarks on the making of China's latest blockbuster:

Some key scenes were taken at Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco. As I happened to visit that location only some months before, I am able to provide pictures of the original place, an ancient fortified Kasbah that was erected at a place where the Atlas mountains open into the desert. While the Kasbah and the mountain fortress are original, the gate to be seen in the movie is a fake. It was built to serve as the background for another blockbuster movie.


Temperatures in 2017 were unusually high in that area, i.e. surpassing 40°C in September, and should have been still around 30°C in autumn. When I crossed the dried up valley and climbed to the upper terrace of the Kasbah, it came to my mind that acting in a film right in font of this site must be a murderous job.

Even more, acting in full combat gear would add to the hardships, let alone the need to undergo some basic weapons training before the compulsory combat stunts while acting under the merciless desert sun. No wonder that one of the female stars was wounded twice during some especially rough scenes. The Chinese involved must therefore be a tough species.

For the necessary infrastructure of filming there are studios at Ouarzazate, only some miles away.

Special Effects applied in Operation Red Sea.


The final sequence of Operation Red Sea might nourish some second thoughts about Chinese imperialism regarding the South China Sea problem. In fact, it's nothing more than what we got used from similar US productions in the blood and honor style. A call of patriotism wrapped into a gripping plot and enhanced with many special effects. Still worth to be watched even if you don't agree with the Chinese, however, up to now only available in the original Chinese version with English subtitles.

Historic rescue operation realized by China's navy in 2015.

Operation Red Sea is being presented to Chinese audiences as a gift for the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army PLA and is dedicated to the 19th National Congress of China's Communist Party. This film is regarded as China's first modern naval film. The film has already become a 579 million US$ success. It was selected as the Hong Kong entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards.

US source reporting: China's hypersonic missile test and
a rare insight into China's South China Sea activities.


Breaking News on China's Cyber Warfare:

On October 5, 2018, the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC came about with the following news:

Tensions between the United States and China have been rising, but the worst may be ahead.

The disclosure by Bloomberg Businessweek that the Chinese military allegedly implanted microchips onto thousands of motherboards used by the US government and major businesses is the most damning evidence to date of a massive Chinese espionage campaign. Shortly after the revelations were published, Vice President Mike Pence stated, “China is meddling in America’s democracy.”

This, on the heels of new tariffs and an “unsafe” military confrontation in the South China Sea.

For years, the US intelligence and national-security communities have warned that the Chinese Communist Party might interfere with electronics manufactured in China. Last year, the Defense Science Board went so far as to state that China’s offensive cyber capabilities “exceed the United States’ ability to defend key critical infrastructures.”

But Thursday’s revelations provide the first public evidence of extensive interference in both civilian and military supply chains.

The Chinese military allegedly inserted tiny microchips onto motherboards manufactured in China for Super Micro Computer Inc., based in San Jose, Calif. These chips were designed to evade detection and to create a backdoor for entry into sensitive systems. According to reports, thousands of motherboards were sent to 30 separate companies and the US government, where they were used by organizations ranging from Apple and Amazon to the Defense Department.


The Risks of " Buying Cheap ".

US scholar: China became a veritable rival to America
and already surpassed the US in terms of GDP in 2014.


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