Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Trump Revives Star Wars Scenario

After US vice-president Mike Pence and some time later president Donald Trump announced an increase in spendings for the modernization of US weapon systems, an almost forgotten project of the Reagan era is being seen to surface again in US military plannings: Some kind of a "Star Wars Scenario" where a newly formed "US military space unit" should ensure US domination of space, - a provocation to all other nations peacefully engaged in space research.


America Claims Domination of Space ?

“星球大战计划2.0版?”法国国际广播电台发出惊呼。报道称, 上世纪80年代冷战后期,美国里根政府曾推出“星球大战计划”, 近40年后,一向将里根时代标榜为自己榜样的特朗普, 今年多次表达“立即组建一支美国太空军队”的想法。


" Star War Plannings 2.0 ? ", France International Radio cried out in alarm, reporting that in the 1980ies, the final period of the cold war, America's Reagan administration had promoted their "star war plannings". About 40 years later, what was consistently boosted during the Reagan era becomes Trump's own model [to follow]. It has become the idea of an "immediately formed US military space unit", already voiced many times this year.

On August 9, after the development was made public by Pence, Trump soon afterwards came about with the message: "May the military space unit advance to [accomplishment]."

The Chinese source is, as well, quoting a German and a Russian news source.

[Zhejiang online浙江在线 quoting People's Daily foreign edition on August 15, 2018]

Quoted from News Corp Australia Network 澳大利亚新闻网 on August 15, 2018


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