Wednesday, January 31, 2018

North Korea's Days are Numbered

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On late January 30, U.S. president Donald Trump in his State of the Union speech made it clear that North Korea's days are numbered.

Ji Seong-ho, North Korean defector and survivor of North Korean torture,
holds up his crutches as symbol of defiance to the North Korean regime
after president Trump details his harrowing journey to freedom.

Comment by Fox News:
History proves time and time again that the yearning for freedom will crush the jackboots of the vilest dictators. Kim Jong Un won’t get much sleep after President Trump’s speech, as he knows time is not on his side. And it took the power of just one man with his old crutches to prove it.


Reuters: Under Sanctions ... North Korea is Exporting Coal to Russia.


In North Korea's special economic zone of Rason, coal is waiting for being shipped.

[Source: VOA Voice of America Chinese language service on January 27, 2018]


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