Friday, September 01, 2017

Russia's Putin on Korea Conflict


Putin is convinced that any solution for the ‬problem of
the Korean peninsula could only be found by dialogue.

据塔斯社1日援引普京的话报道,事实证明,靠向朝鲜政府施压以使其暂停核导活动是错误的, 只有通过有关各方开展直接对话才能解决朝鲜半岛问题,而且这一对话应建立在不设前提条件、 不相互挑衅、不相互施压、不相互用武力威胁、不相互打“口水仗”的基础上。

Based on a TASS [Russia's news agency] report from 1st September Putin should have said that reality proves it would be a mistake to rely on putting pressure on North Korea to make it stop its nuclear missile activity for the short term.

Only by proceeding through a direct dialogue, both sides are interested to develop, a solution for the problem of the Korean peninsula could be reached.

Furthermore, that dialogue should be established on the basis of no preconditions, no mutual provocation, no mutual application of pressure, no mutual military threats and, as well, no mutual "spitting battles".

[Source: XinHua - New China 新华社 on 1st September, 2017]

"Spitting Battle":

North Korean fisherboat chased away from Japanese fishing grounds near Yamato Bank by Japanese Coastguard with the help of their water cannon. Since July 2017, North Korean boats had already ignored more than 820 coastguard warnings.

[Source: FT中文 on 1st September 2017]


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