Monday, October 24, 2016

ISIL - Different Heads of the Hydra

Picture: Assassination carried out by ISIL fighters [YOUM7 on October 24, 2016]

During the last days, different Arabic sources have been steadily covering a major attack of Iraqui forces on the ISIL stronghold of Mosul and which already succeeded in approaching the center of Mosul up to a distance of some five km. Evaluations of the military situation predict Mosul to fall to Peshmerga units and Iraqui government forces within the next few days.

On Friday, October 21, Arabic sources reported about ISIL counterattacks in different places of Kirkuk township where Kurdish Peshmerga forces cornered a rather small number of ISIL fighters who seemed to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. During the proceedings an ISIL official had been captured who leaded the attack. According to Iraqui sources (October 24) he should have revealed that the ISIS group is planning to attack the province of Kirkuk again with some 300 suicide bombers.

Today, latest news are about the assassination by ISIL of five security members in Rutbah town which is the westernmost outpost of Anbar province and a strategic point linking Iraq to Jordan (Youm7). The massing of ISIL units near the border between both countries has caused fears of ISIL trying to carry the conflict into neigboring Jordan.

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Iran warns Turkey against its military presence in Iraq.
[Al-Arabiya on October 24, 2016]

On Monday, October 24, the spokesman of Iran's foreign ministry, Bahram Qasem, warned Turkish authorities against the consequences of Turkey's military presence in Iraq and a participation in the process of a restoration of Mosul. While speaking to the Iranian press, Qasem said that the participation of any country in the fight against terrorists in Iraq, should take place in coordination with the Iraqi authorities to obtain its approval (Al-Arabiya).

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