Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Syria after Short Armistice

The Syrian conflict regains impetus after a 24-hours armistice negociated between U.S. secretary-of-state John Kerry and Russian minister Sergej Lavrov.

غارات روسية عنيفة على ريف إدلب وحلب

Fierce Russian incursions into Idlib and Aleppo district.

أغارت طائرات روسية وسورية على أحياء في حلب شمالي سوريا بعيد غارات مكثفة على الريفين الجنوبي والغربي للمدينة بمشاركة الطائرات الروسية التي قتلت 14 شخصا في بلدة بنّش بريف إدلب.ـ

Russian and Syrian planes launched an attack against Achiya in Aleppo [district], northern Syria, shortly after concentrated incursions into districts south and west of the town with the assistance of Russian planes that killed 14 people in the community of Bannesh in Idlib district.

[Source: Al-Jazeera الجزيبة on May 11, 2016]

Achiya / Aleppo - Results of an earlier bombing
reported by Al-Bawaba البوابة on May 8, 2016.
Three citizens should have died in that assault.

Earlier report from the shelling of Bannesh in Idlib district
and which came from El-Wehda الوحدة the day before on
May 10, 2016. The death toll reported at this time was 10
compared with 14 only some hours later.


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