Tuesday, May 31, 2016

CERN - Sounds of the Universe

Latest news from the particle accelerator facility of CERN, Geneva.

From techno beats to classical melodies, from jazz swinging to pop and rock riffs – the ATLAS experiment can play them all thanks to Quantizer.

This new platform translates ATLAS events into notes and rhythms, meaning one of the most complex scientific instruments in the world will not only search for new physics, but also generate music.

The Quantizer device was conceived by Juliana Cherston, a Master’s student in the Responsive Environments Group at the MIT Media Lab, and designed in partnership with ATLAS Doctoral student Ewan Hill from the University of Victoria. They have just released Quantizer on the web, providing real-time audio samples produced with the latest data.

Being convinced that any continuous data stream, received from constant measurement of time-dependent physical processes, could be transformed into some kind of music, I tried to combine the cosmic version of the ATLAS tunes with cosmic video visualisations produced by BBC. The original video is being accompanied by human composed relaxation music.

If you switch off the video sound manually and, instead, activate the below ATLAS tunes you will find a nice combination of galactic views and live music of natural origin. You might even like YouTube to find for you further visualisations of space and watch them in fullscreen mode while listening to the sounds from sub-atomic proceedings.

Activate cosmic ATLAS tunes from CERN

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