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Russian Iranian Shipping Canal

موسكو وطهران تبحثان حفر قناة ملاحية ستربط بين بحر قزوين والخليج العربي

Moscow and Tehran are searching [for a way to]
excavate some shipping canal that would connect
the Caspian Sea and the Arab Gulf.

أكد السفير الإيراني لدى روسيا مهدي سنائي السبت 9 أبريل/نيسان أن موسكو وطهران تجريان حاليا محادثات حول حفر قناة ملاحية ستربط بين بحر قزوين والخليج العربي.ـ

On Saturday 9th April, the Iranian ambassador to Russia, Mehdi Sanai, confirmed that Moscow and Tehran are actually advancing negotiations on the excavation of a shipping canal that would connect the Caspian Sea and the Arab Gulf.

وفي سياق متصل سبق أن قال وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف في 7 أبريل/نيسان إن كلا من روسيا وإيران وأذربيجان اتفقت على تكثيف المحادثات بشأن إقامة ممر "الشمال – الجنوب" للنقل، الذي سيمر جزء منه على طول الساحل الغربي لبحر قزوين من روسيا إلى إيران عبر الأراضي الأذربيجانية.ـ

And in this context Russia's minister of foreign affairs Sergej Lavrov earlier said on April 7 that Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan agreed [in their interest] to concentrate on talks concerning the installation of a "north to south" passage for transportation and which would pass through parts of [those countries] directly to the Arab coastal region from the Russian part of the Caspian Sea towards Iran, passing through Azerbaijan territory.

ويصل طول الممر، الذي يربط بين مدينتي سان بطرسبورغ الروسية ومومباي الهندية، إلى 7.2 كيلومتر، ومن المتوقع أن يقلص هذا الممر وقت وصول سفن من الهند إلى منطقة آسيا الوسطى وروسيا من 40 إلى 14 يوما.ـ

Such connecting a length of passage that [stretches] between urban Saint Petersburg in Russia and Mumbai in India [at a length of] 7.200 km. That canal is expected to reduce the time of shipment from India to the region of Central Asia and Russia from 40 to 14 days (*).

(*) Iran Daily on April 10 refers to an average 40 days turn for shipment from India to Moscow. A reduction to 14 days might then be due, as well, to additional ways of shipping on already existing Russian water ways and railroads within Russia and which should become connected with the planned Russian-Iranian canal, thus making up for a total of 7.200 km for the above-mentioned shipping connection between Saint Petersburg and Mumbai, India. In addition to faster shipment, traffic fees for the Suez Canal (Egypt) could be avoided as well as traffic jam at the Bosporus access to the Black Sea (Turkey).

[RT Russia Today - Arabic Service on April 9, 2016]



Russia is selling guided air defence missiles
to Iran, able to defend a precise NATO attack.

[Headline of Eastern News Network 东方新闻网 on April 7, 2016]

S-400 Air Defence Missiles [CCTV Forum]

The Chinese article quoted from CCTV is about the selling of Russian S-300 / S-400 missile defence systems to Iran which make up for a top item in specialized Chinese online news these days, together with Russia's delivery to Iran of SU-30SM combat planes, YAK-130 combat training planes and MI-8/17 helicopters.


The S-400 system ............ is an equal match for the U.S. "Patriot AC-3"
surface-air guided missile system in all aspects of speed and precision.
[A "laughing smiley" is included at this place in the original Chinese text.]


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