Saturday, April 02, 2016

Obama - Aftermath of Nuclear Security Summit

Obama addresses Nuclear Deal with Iran

President Obama spoke after the Nuclear Security Summit about the agreement with Iran, emphasizing that its effect on business dealings hinges on Iran’s behavior.

New York Times / Reuters video from 1st April 2016

Nuclear Terrorism Fears

Reuters video from 1st April 2016

Obama's evaluation of the Republican
runner for Presidency, Donald Trump

Link: Obama Rebukes Donald Trump’s Comments on Nuclear Weapons

New York Time article from 1st April 2016

President Barack Obama on Friday questioned Donald J. Trump's fitness for office after statements from the Republican front-runner that the United States and its allies should move away from decades of constraints on the use of nuclear weapons. " We don't want somebody in the Oval Office who doesn't recognize how important that is," President Obama said.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a summit meeting devoted to nuclear security, the president said the comments byTrump reflected a person who " doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean Peninsula or the world generally."

[Source: CNBC / New York Times on 1st April 2016]


وثیقة مسربة حول "مشروع أمني" للقضاء على العرب في إيران

A [leaked] document about "security plannings" for the
[related] jurisdiction is concerning the Arabs in Iran.

ـ"المشروع الأمني الشامل لخوزستان" يهدف إلى تهجير عرب الأهواز

"General security plannings for Khuzestan [province]" are
targeting the expulsion of Arabs from Ahvaz [township].

Editor's Note:
Ahvaz is the capital of Khuzestan province in Southern Iran. Khuzestan is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is situated in the southwest of the country, bordering Iraq and the Persian Gulf. The above mentioned document has been reportedly leaked by Arab activists. It seems Iraq is either preparing for an uprise of Arab separatists or for a possible invasion by an U.S. - Arab alliance. It should be noted that Iraqi invasion of Khuzestan was once at the beginning of a war between Iran and Iraq (1980–1988).

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on 2nd April 2016]


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