Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ISIS - Using Oil as a Weapon

Only some days ago, European TV stations announced that U.S. forces recently killed ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf in eastern Syria, a key figure responsible for ISIS oil sales which make up for an important source of revenue to finance their fight against the U.S.-Iraqi alliance. In the frame of that operation which should have taken place in mid-May, lots of data related to ISIS oil trade should have fallen into the hands of U.S. authorities. However, it might not be enough to cut off the flow of oil money into the Islamic State, as there are further risques of ISIS dramatically damaging the economic basis of Iraq and challenging the international oil markets.

The following Chinese article was published only some weeks ago and might serve to describe another risk caused by ISIS:


ISIS is probably exerting control on Iraq's biggest refinery
such that " the good might go down together with the bad ".

FX168讯 据报道,伊斯兰国武装分子正在伊拉克最大的精炼厂内挖掘战壕,地点临近天然气和氧气罐,这会令未来此地作战风险提高,因战斗余波可能引发爆炸并毁掉整个精炼厂。

According to an FX168 news report, armed elements of ISIS are just digging trenches inside Iraq's biggest refinery. The site is near natural gas and oxygen tanks. This could indicate increasing risks of fighting reaching the place. The after-effects of a battle could then possibly trigger off an explosion and wipe out the whole refinery.


After last year in June, when ISIS surrounded that facility, the neighbouring region, and which is still controlled by ISIS, experienced more than 300 heavy air raids. Last month, radicals launched a fierce offensive in this place where, at present, a local Iraqi security force of 200 is surrounded on the terrain of a complex area.

[Source: FX168 全球视野的中文财经网站 Chinese website on finance and economy with a global field of vision, 13th May 2015]

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The proceedings of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in 2014
still preoccupy visitors from Muslimic nations.

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