Wednesday, May 13, 2015

N Korea - Shame and Scandal in the Family

Last Update: 23th May 2015


South Korean media say that North Korea's defense minister was executed by shooting.

Official Chinese and other foreign media are spreading latest news on this subject, coming from the South Korean news agency, today, on 13th May 2015. Their news report is referring to a high-ranking source in the S Korean intelligence agency when indicating that defense minister Hyon Yong-chol 玄永哲 should have been killed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The day before, on 12th May, "New Tang Dynasty", an anti-communist Chinese TV station implied that Kim Jong Un as well poisoned his aunt. 金正恩被曝毒死姑.


S Korea: N Korea's minister for people's defense Hyon Yong-chol publicly executed by shooting.

Chinese TV report says: Hyon Yong-chol until then reportedly enjoyed Kim Jong Un's confidence.

[Source: SINA News Center on 13th May 2015]

Further news from North Korea:

朝鲜结束第二日海上炮击训练 发射190余发炮弹

On the second day, North Korea concludes a maritime shelling exercise.
More than 190 artillery shells launched.


South Korea says N Korea carries out a nightly shelling exercise for the second day.

Location of that shelling exercise are territorial waters west of the Korean peninsula.

[Source: SINA News Center - People's Network on 14th May 2015]

[ Kim Jong-Chul ], brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un,
attending a concert of Eric Clapton in London, 20th May 2015.


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