Sunday, February 15, 2015

ISIS Kills Coptic Egyptians in Libya

At the Mediterranean coast near Tripoli, Libya.

داعش ليبيا يبث فيديو ذبح الأقباط المصريين

ISIS in Libya propagates video of sacrificed Coptic Egyptians.

بث تنظيم داعش الإرهابي فيديو لعملية ذبح المصريين الأقباط المختطفين. وأظهرت الصور معاملة مشينة من عناصر التنظيم للأسرى، حيث ساقهم واحدا واحدا. وأظهرت إحدى صور تلطخ مياه البحر بلون الدم، في استعراض متوقع من التنظيم الدموي.ـ

The terrorist organization ISIS propagated a video [that is showing how] kidnapped Coptic Egyptians are being sacrificed. And they showed pictures of the proceedings of prisoner [treatment] by followers of the organization at the place they were led to one after the other. Some photos showed waves of sea water tainted with red colour, a probable floating of blood.

In that video as well, a masked spokesman of ISIS is referring to Osama Bin Laden whose
remainings had been left to the sea (below photo). As to the Egyptian citizens abducted by
ISIS, their overall number is reported to be 21.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on February 15, 2014. Screenshots from the video were simultaneously distributed by Al-Jazeera.]


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