Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crash of Air Asia 8501

Last UPDATE: January 4 / 12, 2015

Latest news: Already 6 bodies recovered in Air Asia crash.
Another search of bodies and debris will continue today at
daylight. On Sunday, Dec. 28, Air Asia flight 8501 crashed
into the Java Sea south of Borneo. [Source: CNN / BBC]

UPDATE for January 4, 2015:

According to different media sources, 31 bodies have been recovered from Air Asia flight 8501 that perished with 162 people on board in shallow waters off the coast of South Borneo. Weather was the “triggering factor” in the crash with icing likely causing engine damage, Indonesia’s meteorological agency said on Sunday. Bad weather still continues to hinder rescue efforts which already brought about five large pieces of Air Asia's Airbus A 320-200 while the plane's black box is still missing.

UPDATE for January 12, 2015:

Essential parts of the plane have now been discovered, including the flight and voice recorder.

A visitor to this site coming from German air traffic control DFS
which is located near Frankfurt International Airport at Langen.

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