Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Saudi Arabia - Terrorism Alert

The Saudi Arabian interior ministry mentioned nine suspects that had been arrested
after an armed confrontation. The location of arrest was published for six of them.

Saudi police have arrested six men on terror charges after an incident where five people were killed and nine others wounded in a machine gun attack late on Monday, November 3, in al-Dalwah, a town in al-Ahsa governorate and a population center for the Shia minority in the Sunni-ruled monarchy.

According to an interior ministry spokesman, simultaneous operations in al-Ahsa and al-Khobar in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, and Shaqra, near the capital Riyadh had led to the arrest of these six people allegedly involved in terrorist crime.

Fears have risen that members of the Shia minority in Saudi Arabia might become the target of militant ISIS sympathisers who pursue any Muslimic group regarded as apostates to Islam with their brutal tactics. Such fears are based on the fact that thousands of Saudis have already joined the ranks of jihadi fighters in Syria and Iraq, many of them encouraged by clerics who stir up religious sentiment against non-Sunnis.

While the Saudi government has cracked down on jihadi sympathisers, Islamist extremist groups share some aspects of the conservative strain of Wahhabi Islam propagated in the kingdom.

[Sorce: Financial Times / Al-Arabiya on November 4, 2014]

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