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Iran - Obama Offers Cooperation in Fighting ISIS

رسالة سرية بين أوباما وخامنئي والبيت الأبيض لا يعلق

Secret letter between Obama and Khamenei,
however, not confirmed by the White House.

بعد أشهر عديدة من نفي ادارة الرئيس الأميركي باراك أوباما لوجود أي نية للتعاون مع إيران ضد داعش، خرج الخميس إلى العلن خبر مفاده أن أوباما بعث في أوكتوبر الماضي رسالة إلى المرشد الإيراني علي خامنئي تتعلق بالتعاون المشترك بين البلدين لمحاربة داعش.ـ

On Thursday [Nov. 6], after several months of denying the existence of [its] intention to cooperate with Iran [in its fight] against ISIS, the administration of U.S. President Barak Obama came with the news that, last October, Obama had sent a letter to Iran's [spiritual leader] Ali Khamenei in which he referred to a joint cooperation between both countries in fighting ISIS.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية Nov. 7 update of Nov. 6 article, 2014]


On today's homepage of Iran's news agency IRNA, there is an article named:
[ Analyst advises President Obama to use time to agree with Iran ].

" Obama administration’s job will get tougher with coming to power of a Republican majority in the US Senate, which is why the US President had better use the remaining short time for cracking a deal with Iran,” Ali Khorram, an international affairs analyst said on Wednesday.

Also addressing the Iranians who keep beating on the drums of opposing the nuclear comprehensive agreement, Khorram said that there is no time to waste in case of this file.

“The Iran P5+1 negotiations must bear result by November 24, and those who out of ignorance play unharmonious tunes must wake up, as the country’s national interests will be put at stake as a result of the failure of these talks,” he said.

Ali Khorram

Editor's Note:
Ali Khorram, the author of the above quoted article, seems to be an influential Iranian political analyst who already supported Mohammad Javad Zarif on his way to become the actual foreign minister of Iran under the new president Hassan Rouhani, saying that nobody else could help the Islamic Republic of Iran to resolve its common problems with world powers and Arab states.
Therefore it might be interesting to read as well an article written by Khorram's "protégé" Zarif about [ what Iran really wants ].

Iran's president Rouhani and foreign minister Zarif


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