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Ukrainian Crisis Culminating

Last UPDATE: March 3

Russia's Parliament: License to Act

In their evening news on March 1, 2014, Russia's state-run TV "Russia Today" broadcast an interview with Konstantin Dolgov, the special commissioner for human rights from Russia's ministry of foreign affairs. Dolgov denounced Ukrainian terrorists as the real danger to Ukrainian democracy and which made Russia's intervention on the Crimean peninsula inevitable to saveguard the Russian population there.

On this occasion, the U.S. concentration camp of Guantánamo was mentioned as a proof that Western nations are turning a blind eye at undemocratic behaviour when it is serving their purpose. The broadcast of Russia Today was recorded from its Spanish language service.

Here are some headlines and stances published by Russia's national TV in Spanish. They were accompanied by scenes of violence from Kiev, showing assaults on public buildings and security personnel during earlier demonstrations that were targeting the pro-Russian government of president Yanucovich and who was ousted only some days ago. A cruel beating up of what seems to be a Yanukovich supporter was shown as well as insurgents using molotow cocktails against Ukrainian security forces.

Analista: EEUU y países de la UE son responsables de la crisis ucraniana.

An analyst says the U.S. and countries of the European Union are responsible for the Ukrainian crisis.

Rusia estudia retirar a su embajador en EE. UU.

Russia is considering to call back its ambassador to the United States.

Analista: La situación en Ucrania puede evolucionar en guerra civil.

According to an analyst the Ukrainian situation might develop into a civil war.

Razing reminders of the Russian dominated Soviet Union.

En la Ucrania de hoy hay una verdadera orgía de grupos extremistas y un atropello a los DD.HH.

In Ukraine today, extremist groups are having a veritable orgy and a clash on human rights.

Ukrainian opposition invading government buildings in Kiev.

Los radicales ucranianos al frente de las protestas seguían un guion preparado con apoyo del exterior.

Ukrainian radicals in the front line of protests are following a script prepared with foreign help.

El jefe de un grupo ultranacionalista ucraniano se dirigió al terrorista checheno Doku Umárov piniéndole su apoyo, según refleja una página de una red social rusa.

Some website belonging to a social network in Russia refers to [an alleged] request for support by the leader of an ultranationalist group in Ukraine and who addressed Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov .

To defend one's interest by force, as the Ukrainian
opposition did, is not at all democratic [behaviour].

It is oddly enough for the West not to speak about illegal and
racist activity in Ukraine while caring so much for democracy.

Las decisiones de la oposición pueden aumentar la tensión interétnica en Ucrania.

The decisions taken by the opposition might increase interethnic tensions in Ukraine.


UPDATE for March 3:

Revolución Por Guión
Screenplay Revolution

This was the adage of an evening broadcast by Russia Today RT on March 2, 2014. The program dealt with parallels and differences between the Ukrainian revolution and similar developments in Arabic states which became known as the Arabic Spring.

Analizamos similitudes de primavera árabe con crisis que vive Ucrania.

We are analyzing similarities between the Arabic Spring and the current
crisis of Ukraine.

Particularities of all national revolutions analyzed here included the economic development where Ukraine could be compared to Egypt and Libya. In all of these countries former leaders had either been ousted or killed. The economy of Ukraine, Egypt and Libya had therefore drastically suffered from political turmoil while Syria's economy seems still somehow stable. Libya, where internal chaos has replaced the strong grip of Muammar al-Ghadafi, suffers most from a loss of governmental control, while Egypt seems to be stabilized by the unbroken influence of the military. One Spanish expert on national economy was quoted as follows:

Inestabilidad golpea a países que sufren estas revueltas. Oferta de asociación de la UE a Ucrania no tiene sentido.

Countries suffering from such rebellions are hitten by instability. An offer of association with the European Union doesn't make sense.


Russia Never Changes !

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