Sunday, March 02, 2014

China - Terrorists Attack Railway Station

Important UPDATE: March 3

Yesterday evening, the town of Kunming in Yunnan province experienced a terrorist attack targeting the town's railway station. According to Chinese reports at least 100 people should have been affected. However, reliable information about casualties was not available even one day later.

As separatists from Xinjiang province are suspected to be behind the incident, general secretary Xi JinPing has already interfered, and a furious comment was published on People's Network. That comment reflected the semi-official intention to "smash the nation's public enemy".

Today's main headline on People's Network is saying:
"Xi JinPing gave important instructions in the case of a
violent terrorist incident at Kunming railway station."

Headline, related picture and comment are marked red.


UPDATE for March 3:

Today's CNN news report is quoting XINHUA agency with further details. According to them eight terrorists armed with knives should have attacked people at Kunming railway station on Saturday evening (i.e. February 1), killing at least 28 people and wounding 113. Four terrorists should have been shot on the spot, the others have been arrested.

Editor's Comment:

That bloody attack obviously surprised Chinese authorities and media. I remember a first Chinese report, mentioning more than 100 wounded victims, and which suddenly disappeared from the web before I could extract more information. Another website taking over included a link to China's national TV channel CCTV1, however, the TV news report covered everything else but that terrorist incident. As my time is limited, I could not follow the news any longer that day.

By the way, the appearance of a fire brigade, shown on the official photo, suggested the use of a bomb rather than a mass slaughtering using knives. Even the remark of a Chinese journalist, saying he accidentally passed the railway station that evening and found it closed by police forces, shows how much confusion must have been on the Chinese side.

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