Saturday, November 23, 2013

Unmanned War Planes Made in China


Making an Inventory of the World's Advanced Unmanned Aircraft


On November 21, 2013, at one o'clock in the afternoon, China's homemade unmanned stealth fighter "Sharp Sword" successfully undertook its first flight. With the maiden flight of "Sharp Sword", China became the world's fourth nation to test large unmanned stealth attack planes in flight. This implies, China has already lept over from [the stage of simple] unmanned planes to [that of] unmanned combat planes. The essential significance of which [lies in] the test flight of some new type of fighter planes [belonging to] the fourth generation and [which is] not inferior to the [Chengdu J-20] -20 class [of regular Chinese combat planes].

"Sharp Sword" during its 20 minutes maiden flight.


Besides "Sharp Sword", China has at its disposal the "Winged Dragon" and the "Rainbow" as multi-pattern unmanned attack planes. America, Britain and France as powerful nations regarding spaceflight [ ? better: aviation 航空], are also moving in the forefront when it comes to the development of unmanned planes. They already possess and are studying multi-functional and remarkable unmanned combat planes.

The Chinese text then mentions the development of unmanned planes in Israel and Iran. Moreover, it points out the additional power unmanned combat planes can provide for a country's air force. Under that aspect the article's goal to make an inventory of available unmanned aircraft in China and abroad has been established.

In one of the following chapters the article is discussing the outer appearance of the "Winged Dragon" which seems to be the very image of the U.S. "Predator" device. The Chinese version should be propelled by a 100 horsepower engine, its overall weight at take-off reaching 1.100 kg. The Winged Dragon can cruise up to 20 hours and reach a maximum altitude of 5.000 m.

China's unmanned combat plane "Winged Dragon".

China's unmanned combat plane "Rainbow 4".

The "Rainbow" plane is available in two versions named Rainbow 3 / Rainbow 4. The type 4 version has a wing span of 18 m. Its overall weight at take-off being 1.330 kg, the Rainbow plane provides for a payload of 350 kg. Maximum cruising time is 40 hours.

[Source: People's Network 人民网—中新网 on November 23, 2013.]

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