Saturday, November 09, 2013

Iran's Nuclear Program - No Real Breakthrough ?

Last UPDATE: November 10

Yesterday, November 8, the Spanish service of Russia Today RT expressed a rather optimistic view on the Geneva talks dealing with the subject of Iran's nuclear program and announced the appearance of Russia's foreign minister Lavrov in Geneva for the next day, Sunday November 9. As U.S. foreign secretary Kerry already arrived there on Saturday, expectations are high for some kind of deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The U.S. broadcaster CNN extensively covered that story and hinted at a widespread popular interest of the Iranian people in the normalization of foreign relations between Iran and the West. That estimation has been quoted by a news service from Dubai on the same day.

Photo: A smiling Iranian president Rouhani.

ـ«سي إن إن»: رغبة شعبية جارفة داخل إيران لتحسين العلاقات مع الغرب

CNN: A passionate popular desire has seized Iran for the improvement of relations with the West.

[Source: محيط, news service from Dubai, on November 8, 2013]

However, the proposed solution, now negotiated behind closed doors in Geneva, seems to be tricky enough to create reservations on the U.S. side and clear disapproval on the Israeli side.

Photo: The Iranian envoy (left) meeting his counterpart in Geneva.

واشنطن: بعض المسائل المهمة جداً لم تحلّ بعد مع طهران

Washington: Some much worrying problems are not yet settled with Tehran.

يوم حاسم في جنيف للبرنامج النووي الإيراني

Decisive day in Geneva on Iran's nuclear program.

[Source: Al-Mustaqbal المستقبل, Lebanese daily, on November 9, 2013]

On CNN: A spokesman for the Israeli government accusing Iran (right picture).

Most probably Israel will not support any shaky deal that might be reached between Iran, Russia and most Western nations. Their stance remaining the unconditioned renunciation of uranium enrichment on the Iranian side.

[Source: CNN on November 8, 2013]

Latest news on November 9:
"Interim deal elusive on Iran's nuclear program" published by U.S.A. Today.


Latest News on November 10:

Rouhani: Iran doesn't abandon its nuclear rights including the enrichment of uranium.
[Iran's president Rouhani in his speech before the United Nations General Assembly.]

Kerry: [On the next possible occasion] the international powers [will continue
to reach] an agreement with Iran concerning their nuclear program.

[Source: Al-Jazeera الجزيرة on November 10, 2013]

Typhoon Warning: Hai Yan just haunting South-East Asia.
Recent visitors from Ha Noi (Vietnam) and Nanning (China).

Police on the Philippines: First estimations indicate that 10.000 [residents]
found their deaths while braving typhoon HaiYan
[Al-Jazeera, Nov.10, 2013]


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