Sunday, September 15, 2013

U.S.-Russian Agreement on Syria's Chemical Weapons

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الخبر الجديد
US, Russia agree to framework on Syria chemical weapons ...

اتفاق روسي أمريكي بشأن الأسلحة الكيمياوية السورية

U.S. And Russia Form A Plan On Syria's Chemical Weapons
NPR National Public Radio, Washington DC

Statement by U.S. President Obama on a U.S.-Russian Agreement on the Framework for an Elimination of all Syrian Chemical Weapons
The White House, Office of the Press Secretary

ردود الفعل على الاتفاق الروسي -الامريكي بشأن تدمير الأسلحة الكيماوية السورية

Repercussions of the Russian - U.S. agreement on a destruction of Syria's chemical weapons.

[Source: Almogaz الموجز on September 15, 2013]

The Arabic language source is quoting comments on the agreement by Western politicians like British foreign minister Haig, French foreign minister Fabius and NATO secretary general Rasmussen.



Syria's opposition doesn't recognize the Russian - U.S. agreement on the item of Syria's chemical weapons.


News from Russia's news agency [i.e. Novosti] are saying the chairman of the supreme military council of the Free Syrian Army, Idriss, issued [the following] statement the day before: "We (the Syrian opposition) don't recognize the Russian proposal (the proposal regarding the item of chemical weapons)".

[Source: People's Network 人民网 , Beijing, on September 15, 2013]

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