Sunday, July 08, 2012

Egypt - Morsy Recalls Parliament

Latest UPDATE for July 9 further down !

The newly elected President of Egypt, Mohammad Morsy, recalled parliament after it had been dismissed by Egypt's Military Council. The military had acted immediately after Egypt's highest court had invalidated the parliamentary elections held in June. The first freely elected parliament in Egypt would have provided a sound basis of power for the new president.

Reacting on this new development, Egypt's military council SCAF called for an emergency meeting. Fears of a military coup are rising. [Source: CNN]

Headline of Al-Arabiya on July 8, 2012:

قرار مرسي يسحب السلطة التشريعية من العسكري
بمقتضاه من المفترض أن يعود إلى ثكناته في 15 يوليو الجاري

Morsy's decision is [to take away] legislative power from the military, his demand implying a return [of the troops] to their quarters [until] July 15.

Above: Morsy and the Military


UPDATE for July 9, 2012:

Headlines of Al-Jazeera TV, Arabic channel, on Morsy's decision to recall parliament for another session:

الدستورية ستفصل في دعاوى ضد قرار مرسي بعودة البرلمان

The constitutional [court] will decide on the matter of opposing Morsy's resolution to recall parliament.

المحكمة تلقت طعونا ضد قرار مرسي بعودة البرلمان للانعقاد

The court found [accusations] against Morsy's resolution to recall parliament for [another] session.

المحكمة ستنظر في هذه الطعون و تفصل فيها

The court will examine these [accusations] and [classify] them.

المحكمة ليست طرفا في أي منازعات سياسية

The court is not [taking sides] in any political conflicts.

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