Wednesday, March 07, 2012

U.S. Republicans - Super Tuesday

latest overall results (5:00 GMT)

Mitt Romney leading the Republican Primaries on what they call "Super Tuesday" when there are pre-elections for the nomination of the Republicans' presidential candidate held in 10 federal states.

Mitt Romney already succeeded in Virginia, Massachusetts, Vermont and Idaho. Georgia went to Newt Gingrich. Votes in Alaska are still not counted.

Rick Santorum winning Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota but lost his home country of Massachusetts where he was governor. Yet, it will not be enough to win the Republican Primaries.

Some hours after my first report it is still not clear who won Ohio. It seems that Mitt Romney is now in the lead and will probably win the Republican Primary. According to CNN, Santorum's close loss would be due to a lack of money invested in the Ohio campaign. Santorum might have taken the wrong choice to spare campaigning funds for further state primaries to come.

latest results for Ohio (5:00 GMT):

No president since 1960 has gone to the White House without winning Ohio. Ohio is a swing state because no political party has an overwhelming majority there. The winner of the Ohio Republican Primary could gain up to 66 delegates.

Portrait of Rick Santorum

Santorum and his family celebrating a phoney victory in Ohio (2:00 GMT):

Santorum on Obama's Healthcare plan: "Begin of ending of personal freedom for all Americans" (which is targeting the ultimate need of citizens to buy healthcare insurance).

Santorum declares that America could even gain back its No.1 position in the world. He is accompanied by "U.S.A., U.S.A." shouts when addressing U.S. economy defaults not yet fixed by President Obama. In fact, Santorum is naming each demanding task of U.S. society (restoring triple A rating, healing unemployment and low income, cutting taxes for low income, creating a "100%" healthcare system, etc.) and earnestly promises he would fix all of those problems better than Obama ever could. It should be added that Santorum's voters are being considered as belonging to a less educated and lower income group. [Editor's comment: It's incredible how an excited mass can be made cheering on such kind of unrealistic bullshit.]

Al-Jazeera TV asking citizens in the urban areas of Ohio; a choice of characteristic answers:
Republicans are too conservative, less realistic and far from earnestly dealing with essential subjects regarding the regular citizen, especially when it comes to contraception and abortion [Info: Rick Santorum has seven children].
While Obama is "too" diplomatic, all Republican candidates are eagerly decided to go on war with Iran. [Editor's comment: Well, it probably depends on what chair each of them is sitting on ...]

outdated results (2:00 GMT):

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