Sunday, December 25, 2011

Latin American News


Economic changes in Cuba during the last 15 months [Al-Jazeera]:
- 550.000 state workers planned to be laid off (September 2010).
- Self-employment in 178 small business areas allowed (September 2010).
- Buying and selling of cars now allowed (October 2011).
- Buying and selling of houses now allowed (Novemvber 2011).
- Bank loans now available for small businesses (November 2011).

Above: Peter Hakim, Inter-American Dialogue, on Cuban economics.

Further developments:
Cuba releasing 2.900 prisoners in December 2011. [CNN]



President Hugo Chavez, in shape again after cancer treatment in Cuba, announces the erection of 125.000 state-financed new dwellings (flats) for people in need. Such dwellings are equipped with electricity and water supply. [TElesur, Caracas]



Conservative Peruvian media making front against president Ollanta Humala. In the frame of that campaign, the new president is critisized for his political association with president Chavez of Venezuela.

At the end of his first 100 days in office, president Humala has put social programs on the agenda. In 2012, he is decided to deal with fears and uncertainties of the indigenous communities. [Telesur, Caracas]

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