Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama and Change that is Needed

Only six days before the presidential election, Senator Obama is still leading the race to the White House. If a beginning stabilization of the financial markets is making further progress, the urgent need for economic measures might not overshadow the public evaluation of both candidates any longer, such giving way to a less emotional debate. This could benefit Obama rather than McCain. As the Republican candidate McCain is expected to pursue the failed politics of the actual president Bush while his running mate Sarah Palin doesn't seem to be the best possible choice, his chances to win are not really going to increase. Nevertheless, Barak Obama, the magician of change, should be warned as there's a saying from Confucius: "Someone who is decided to make great changes happen, he should speak low and carry a big stick with him."

Change that is Badly Needed

Today: Cuban Foreign Minister (usually referred to as "canciller" or chancellor) Felipe Perez Roque addressed the United Nations' General Assembly. In his speech, Roque attacked the economic blockade that has been imposed and maintained for tenths of years by the United States. He described the results of such behaviour in a time of climate changes that caused devastating hurricanes and made Cuba's people suffer without sufficient help to be provided from the outside. Therefore, Roque compared U.S. politics towards Cuba with a genocide. He added that a rising number of states became in favour of Cuba's claim to be freed from an unjustified U.S. embargo, states that are, like Cuba itself, now subject to U.S. pressure.
The following pictures show the results of all annual votes against the maintenance of a U.S. blockade in the General Assembly of the United Nations from 1992 until 2008. The votes in favour ("a favor") of Cuba's initiative speak for themselves. [Cubavision TV]

UPDATE (October 30):
For more information refer to Periódico 26 / Cuba. According to RADIO HAVANA, the votes against the Cuban initiative are from the U.S., Israel and the Pacific island state of Palau. The original speech of F.P. Roque has been recorded by BLUEPRINT magazine.

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