Sunday, February 18, 2018

US and China - A Strategic Competition


US experts: America is losing in strategic competition with China.

华盛顿 — 美国国会众议院军事委员会星期四就美国与中国的战略竞争举行了听证会。 美国的中国问题专家在听证会上表示,美国过去25年的对华策略失败了, 美国正在输掉与中国的战略竞争。不过他们认为,美国仍然能够阻遏中国的势头, 防止中国主导的非自由秩序在亚洲以及世界其他地方发展壮大。

On Thursday, the military committee for the House of Representatives within US Congress held an informative meeting regarding US-Chinese strategic competitiveness. On that meeting US experts of the Chinese subject demonstrated that America has lost against Chinese tactics during the last 25 years and is losing against China's strategic competition. They are considering that America is still able to counter China's impetus and prevent China's non-liberal style domination of the expanding development in Asia and other places in the world.

[Source: Voice of America VOA, Chinese Service on February 16, 2018]


Harris: China's military is developing at high speed
and is forming a challenge for the US.

This is referring to Admiral Harris, up to now commander of the US Pacific Command 美军太平洋司令部司令哈里斯海军上将

值得注意的是,哈里斯上将刚刚被川普政府提名为驻澳大利亚大使的哈里斯, 而中国一直将哈里斯认为是鹰派将领,对特朗普提名他出任澳大利亚大师非常不高兴, 官媒新华社的文章直言说:“哈里斯担任太平洋司令部司令期间, 他的种种言行让太平洋很'不太平'”。

What deserves to be noticed is: Admiral Harris has just been nominated by the Trump administration as an ambassador to Australia. Admiral Harris, however, is being considered by China as a military leader belonging to the 'falcon faction' and whose mission as an ambassador to Australia by appoinment of Trump is not making China happy. An article from the official agency Xin Hua stated outright: " At the time when Harris held the post of a commander of the Pacific Command, his statements and actions made the Pacific Ocean rather 'less pacific' ".

[Source: Radio France International RTI, Chinese Service on February 15, 2018]

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