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Hot Spot North Korea

Important Update added on 2nd May 2017

特朗普:朝鲜若再核试我会不开心 不排除军事反应

Trump: If North Korea resumes its nuclear tests, I cannot
be pleased and cannot rule out a military response.

[Source: Global Network 环球网 on April 30, 2017]

North Korea claims the buildup of US troops in Darwin, Australia, is proof America is getting ready for nuclear war.

Its main newspaper is accusing the US of trying to optimise its nuclear readiness in the region, noting it's the largest US military presence in Australia since World War II.

The leader of the Darwin based air-strike force says it's in a strategic location and the US 'stands ready to fight'.

The US deployment to Darwin has been conducted since 2012 and at around 1250 Marines and naval personnel is half the 2500 originally proposed under an agreement between the US and Australia.

Former US Ambassador to Australia John Berry said the situation in North Korea would likely head discussions between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull next week.

[Source: Skynews Australia on April 26, 2017]

The US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson on Saturday, April 29, kicked off a joint drill with the South Korean navy, officials said, as tensions rose over North Korea's latest test-fire of a ballistic missile.

"Immediately after the aircraft carrier arrived in the Sea of Japan, South Korea and the US strike forces launched a drill from 6:00 pm (0900 GMT) Saturday", a defence ministry spokesman told AFP.

The drill came hours after the North launched a ballistic missile in apparent defiance of a concerted US push for tougher international sanctions to curb Pyongyang's nuclear weapons ambitions.

[Source: SBS News, Australia, on April 30, 2017]

Late Evening News on April 30:

[Source: Al-Jazeera - Photo provided by U.S. Navy via AP]

Don't miss Al-Jazeera's related English website
N Korea warns of 'catastrophic consequences'
that is providing further background information.

朝鲜:我们军队不可战胜 美航母和潜艇将变废铁

North Korea: Our troops cannot be defeated. - America's aircraft
carrier and submarines will be turned into scrap iron.

[Chinese Source SINA on 1st May 2017]

Late Evening News on 1st May:


North Korea says the peninsula's current situation
is getting the most critical one in 50 years.

[Source: Global Network / Xinhua 环球网 / 新华社 on 1st May 2017
are quoting a spokesman for the North Korean ministry of foreign affairs:
…… 朝鲜外务省发言人当天发表谈话,

特朗普:若条件合适 将会晤金正恩

Trump: If the conditions are suitable, I will meet with Kim Jong-Un.

[Source: SINA 新浪网 on 2nd May 2017 local date]

Other Regional News:

On Sunday, April 30, three Chinese Navy vessels arrived on a three-days surprise visit in Davao / Mindanao, hometown of the Philippines' President Duterte who then boarded China's missile destroyer Chang Chun. Earlier tensions about territorial disputes in the South China Sea are seemingly forgotten, while Duterte recently concentrated on North Korea which he said was willing to "end the world".


Inside Japan's naval base - Row upon row of warships


Sasebo naval base is among the most important military seaports for Japan's maritime self-defence. Inside that naval base are stationed the 5th, 6th, 8th and 13th guard units. It hosts 15 main force warships of different types.

Editor's Note:
"U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo" is a United States Navy base in Sasebo, Japan, on the island of Kyūshū. It makes part of the Japanese Sasebo naval base in Nagasaki Prefecture. The U.S. base provides facilities for the logistic support of forward-deployed units and visiting operating forces of the United States Pacific Fleet and designated tenant activities.

[Source: Global Network 环球网 on 2nd May 2017]

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