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2017 - Year of Super Rooster Donald

Last Update: January 27


According to Chinese horoscope theory, the Chinese year 2017 is to arrive on January 28 and is called the Year of the Red Fire Chicken or Red Fire Rooster with "red" being connected to the "fire".

While the Chinese New Year's Day differs according to the Chinese Moon Calendar, the U.S. nation swears in their 45th president Donald Trump exactly on January 20 which is a pre-fixed date in U.S. history for the inauguration of any new president. Donald Trump will preside over the U.S. Year of the Super Rooster. However, Chinese fireworks will start just about a week later.

Chicken (or rooster) implies luxury, beauty, and wealth. The Red Fire Chicken of 2017 is related to the light bulb. When the rooster and his jewels are in the spotlight, he feels fine and presents himself as being even more valuable than he is. That implies we will deal with financial events in the year of the chicken.

As the chicken is related as well to, both, "female" and "metal", there are further implications:

While "male metal" is connected to air, wind or strong current, "female metal" is connected to fog or slow dirty air. We cannot see our future clearly until the fog disappears. That means the rooster blurs our vision and mystifies our decision. We need to wait for the sun to appear or the fog to disappear.

In my country we are still using that old expression:
"To put the Red Fire Rooster on top of the house."
which has the meaning of: "To set the house on fire."
And that seems to be exactly what voters for Donald
Trump are going to enjoy during the times to come ...

During his election campaign and up to now, Donald Trump insulted lots and lots of people. Here now a global list of politicians who fired back, together with their most remarkable comments. Click to the red buttons and enjoy it !

=> Happy Inauguration Day ! - Politicians worldwide challenging Trump <=

U.S. President Trump's opinion on the "efficiency of torture"
while torture is considered a crime not only under U.S. laws.



Why do Trump and Putin enjoy a mutual understanding ?


It's probably the resonance of their ideologies regarding
mutual benefits from geopolitics that made Trump and
Putin become aware of "sympathetic feelings".


The above Chinese article shows how Donald Trump's expression of sympathy towards Russia's president Putin is not only disturbing certain conservative circles of U.S. politicians, even in the Republican Party that brought him to power. It is, as well, annoying PR China which maintains friendly relations with Russia despite mutual geopolitical rivalry in the frame of new Central-Asian alliances that are dominated by both countries. As Trump is so obviously busy to create mistrust between China and Russia in favor of U.S. interests, his success could only be limited. A related item from the same Chinese source:

Chinese cartoon showing how Trump damaged Beijing's idea of "One China" when he expressed "long-standing friendly terms" with Taiwan that is still regarded by Beijing as an integrate part of Mainland China. Former U.S. presidents, regardless how deeply involved in U.S.-Taiwanese relations they had been, always avoided to mention Taiwan as some kind of "ally to the West" while Donald Trump was the first to accept a direct phone call from Taiwan's president Tsai. It should be mentioned that nowadays the "One China" ideology is not based any longer on the idea of a military solution but rather on a political development between both Chinese countries.

Portuguese visitor to "blueprint news" interested in Chinese-Russian naval exercises.

U.S. visitor reminding Barack Obama's public speech in Berlin on his 2nd visit to Germany.

Reminder of Ghadafi's end in Libya.

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