Sunday, August 14, 2016

Boko Haram - Exchange of Kidnapped Girls

The Nigerian jihadist organization Boko Haram has distributed another video dealing with the girls originally kidnapped from a school in Chibok, northern Nigeria.

Subject of that video is Boko Haram's demand that these girls should be exchanged against Boko Haram fighters detained by the government.

Therefore, the parents of more than 100 girls that remained from originally 200 after a forced marriage of 40 among them should apply to the Nigerian government to start talks with the islamist group of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

بالصور.. "بوكو حرام" تنشر فيديو جديدا لفتيات اختطفتهن فى نيجيريا

With pictures ... "Boko Haram" propagates new video on the girls kidnapped in Nigeria.

Editor's warning: At the end of that video recorded in the Haussa language you will find some disturbing pictures on girls who perished while being under the control of Boko Haram. The pictures are suggesting they died in some bomb attack.

Nobody can ban all pictures !

[Source: Youm 7 اليوم السابع in their morning news on August 14, 2016]

As to the bloody traces left by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, here another example dating back to 2014:

[Picture from the archives of Vetogate]

بوكو حرام تقتل أرامل وأطفال ضباط الأمن النيجيري

Boko Haram kills widows and children of Nigerian police officers.

[Source: Vetogate بوابة فيتو, Egyptian online news on January 4, 2014]


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