Saturday, June 25, 2016

China - Putin Meets Xi JinPing

On June 25, Russia's president Putin meets with China's leader Xi Jinping for talks in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
[People's Network / People's Daily]

Using the traditional stances of "eternal friendship and mutual cooperation", the semi-official Chinese source praises Vladimir Putin's visit to Beijing in its daily news for June 26, 2016.


The heads of state of both countries unanimously agree to uphold the spirit of (their) strategic cooperation and acknowledge the idea of (everlasting) friendship, to increase mutual support, and enhance mutual trust in politics and strategy. .....


The talks should comprise more than 30 subjects of cooperation, ranging from economy and trade to diplomacy, basic installations, technological progress, agriculture, finance and banking, energy resources, media and internet as well as sports.
According to the wide range of items to be discussed this is as well a meeting of high-ranking members of both administrations, including both ministers of foreign affairs and Russia's first deputy prime-minister.

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