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What's in the Brains of Terrorists ?

Latest News Update was added on November 20, 2015, is
referring to the Paris incidents and further ISIL plannings.

The following study could help understand what's going on in the brains of religious extremists and why they resort to such incredible violence which is in clear opposition to the basis of their adopted religion.

Some are saying that they have been brainwashed. What now if a softer form of brainwashing, a method we usually name "religious education", is being applied on children ? How does this influence the development of a child's system of values and its tolerance toward different value systems as can be encountered in the behaviour of other children of different belief ?

On November 6, 2015, the British daily GUARDIAN published an article which is bearing the challenging title Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds. That article includes a summary of scientific results on altruism (selflessness) in children of different religious belief and which have been won from children that came from Christian, Muslimic and atheistic families. The quoted study, published in a scientific journal on biology, is available, as well, on the internet under its original title The Negative Association Between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism Across the World. It shows that one-sided religious education seems to create some kind of superiority attitude toward members of any other religion and atheists. No wonder that militant leaders in the past invoked the superiority feelings related to their subjects' religious orientation toward the religious beliefs of their enemies. Fighting the so-called infidels and heretics had been a widely accepted reason for bloody wars and pursuits of human communities in all parts of the world and at all times.

Protagonist with a childish face - One who carried out the Paris attacks

Now to those who abandoned their original religious orientation and adopted a new one: The feeling of superiority toward their former brethren might even be stronger than in their new companions in faith who never experienced any other religion. When it comes to profess in the frame of a suicide operation, those converts might therefore fight even more fiercely against everything that represents their former cultural basis and human environment, once their former system of values has been smashed to smithereens. The remainings of former beliefs and sudden pangs of conscience could result in self-hatred as well. Furthermore, those guys are then to realize that there is no way back any longer and which makes them especially dangerous. Such convert terrorists can therefore be seen as an efficient weapon in the hands of those who are guiding bloody acts of terrorism from some secure hideout and to the benefit of some questionable ideology.

For a better understanding of the linked publications, here a widespread definition of altruism: Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures and a core aspect of various religious traditions and secular worldviews, though the concept of "others" toward whom concern should be directed can vary among cultures and religions.

Some background information on the recruiting of French and Belgian converts has been published much earlier by "blueprint news".


باريس.. تحديد 3 انتحاريين و تعميم صورة مشتبه به

رئيس الوزراء البلجيكي حثّ مواطنيه على عدم السفر لفرنسا إلا لضرورة ملحة

Paris: Determination of three suicide [attackers]
and propagation of one suspect's picture.

The Belgian prime minister called upon his compatriots
to abstain from visiting France except in case of urgency.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on November 16, 2015]

Breaking News from FRANCE 24 TV on late Nov. 16, 2015:
French president Hollande says: The Paris assassinations
have been "planned in Syria" and "organised in Belgium".

To keep informed on most recent investigations into the Paris attacks and related news,
"blueprint news" proposes to follow the English language Life News by FRANCE 24 TV.


المقاتلات الفرنسية تقصف داعش عقب هجمات باريس

French warplanes are shelling ISIL as a consequence of the attacks on Paris.

علنت وزارة الدفاع الفرنسية، في ساعة مبكرة من يوم الاثنين، أن باريس تنفذ غارات جوية على مدينة الرقة السورية معقل تنظيم داعش.ـ

In the early hours of Monday [i.e. Nov. 16], the French ministry of defence declared that Paris is carrying out air raids on strongholds of ISIL organization in the Syrian town of Raqqah.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on November 16, 2015]


ISIL Planning Further Terrorist Operations

إيطاليا: هجوم محتمل لداعش بواسطة طائرات بدون طيار

Italy: Probable ISIL attack by means of unmanned airplanes.

أعلن وزير داخلية إيطاليا أنجيلينو الفانو يوم الاثنين أن تنظيم داعش قد يهاجم روما بطائرات بدون طيار خلال السنة المقدسة للكنيسة الكاثوليكية التي تبدأ الشهر القادم، مضيفا أنه سيتم إغلاق المجال الجوي فوق العاصمة أمام الطائرات بدون طيار خلال المناسبة.ـ

On Monday [i.e. November 16], Italy's minister of the interior, Angelino Alfano declared that ISIL organization might launch an attack on Rome with [several] unmanned aircraft during the Holy Year of the Catholic Church which is to begin next month. He added that he would close the airspace over the capital for unmanned aircraft on that occasion.

Editor's Note: The last "Holy Year" or "Extraordinary Jubilee" was celebrated in 2000, the following Holy Year will be celebrated in 2016 and starts in December 2015.

[Source: Al-Arabiya / Reuters العربية / رويترز on November 17, 2015]

According to a Palestinian news agency, ISIL should have planned some attack on Rome much earlier. In one of their propaganda videos dating back to April 2015, ISIL threatened Paris and Rome as well as the White House.

ـ"داعش" يهدد باريس وروما وهدم البيت الابيض

ISIL is threatening Paris and Rome and [threatens to] destroy the White House.

نشر تنظيم "الدولة الإسلامية – داعش" يوم الأحد، تسجيل فيديو يظهر المتحدث بإسم التنظيم أبو محمد العدناني، الذي هدد دول التحالف الأميركي بأنه سيدخل المدن الأوروبية و يهدم معالمها"، مضيفا " أننا نريد باريس قبل روما وقبل الأندلس وسنهد اليبت الأبيض و ساعة بيكبن".ـ

On Sunday, the "organization of an Islamic State - ISIL" circulated a video in which appeared the organization's spokesman Abu Mohamad Al-Adnani and who threatened the countries belonging to the U.S. alliance that he would penetrate the towns of Europe and destroy their characteristics, adding that "We wish Paris before Rome, before Andalusia [Spain] and [.....] the White House."

[Source: FPA - Free Palestine Agency on April 19, 2015]


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